Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Karen Millen! Am I the only one who did not know of this store? Click on the link to see (grown and) sexy, sophisticated, attire, cosmetics and eyewear.
Thanks for the tip Bryan!

Ella Ella Ella Eh Eh...Isotoner has decided to capitalize on Rihanna's hit song...and thankfully Rihanna is cashing in too! Check out Isotoner's line of Rihanna umbrellas!

The Rihanna Signature Slender 'Brella is featured to the right.

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You know we're linked in the fashion blog index!

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Jennifer said...

The whole umbrella thing is so over the top!

Naki said...

It is a bit over the top(literally :))...but I think she might as well earn some money, since the song is such a perfect tie-in. I think Isotoner will benefit most though because I don't know anyone who has a tote or any of their other umbrellas!

WendyB said...

Clutch is cool...thanks for that link. And, to add my two cents to the umbrella story, I think the umbrellas at rainorshine.biz are infinitely more interesting than the Rhianna products.

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