Saturday, August 11, 2007


Target is doing big things! They really hit the bullseye by pairing with the likes of Isaac Mizrahi, Behnaz Sarafpour, Proenza Schouler and (easier to pronounce names such as) Luellea Bartley, Patrick Robinson, Tara Jarmon and Sophie Albou of Paul & Joe.
Next up, the seventh designer to participate in the GO International Flights of Fashion series, bi-coastal design duo--Libertine, due out by Labor Day! Check out the press release here and the collection here!

...pieces from Libertine's vintage inspired and prepster chic line

After that, be sure to pre-order Alice Temperley's limited edition holiday line, due out in October! Additional images can be found here.

...tailored pieces and whimsical prints are the highlights of Alice Temperley's line!
So far, I've only picked up this piece, and a few others from the Mizrahi line, but I'm going to make an effort to select a couple pieces from forthcoming collections. Enjoy!

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Fallon said...

The Libertine collection is already out in Target stores and looks great!!! I have already picked up a few pieces myself. Can't wait for the Alice Temperley collection, looks even better.

Naki said...

Sounds great Fallon! What did you get?

Keisha said...

DAMN!!!! Taarrr-ge' (my attempt at a fench accent) is doing their thang. I want everything in an XXS please.

Keisha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
budget babe said...

yup, libertine's been in target stores since july (i know waaaay too much about GO!)

i wasn't too thrilled by the quality--the "cashmere" cardigans were paper thin. many of the items were already wrinkled on the racks, so how good will they look when you take em home?

but i do love the tote with the little whales on it. very lily pulitzer/preppy chic :)

Naki said...

Thanks budget babe! Lately, most have my shopping has been online (I'm chained to my desk!), so I don't really get to see pieces in person...good to know that the quality is suspect...but might be worth it despite that, right?

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