Saturday, April 10, 2010


"George Borababy and Timothy Chorba, testified . . . that they never said Moss was a lawyer, and Gucci never asked them."

The fashion industry in general and major designers like Gucci in particular are always beleaguered by knockoffs and fakes. Speaking of which, The New York Lawyer reports that Gucci fired their chief U.S. lawyer when they realized that he is not licensed! Jonathan Moss, former in-house counsel to Gucci, since 2003, was initially placed on administrative leave when the faux pas was discovered, but is now no longer with the company. Turns out Mr. Moss is in fact a lawyer, but did not keep up with his license (by paying bar dues and attending continuing legal education (CLE) classes)--he was probably too busy representing Gucci in legal proceedings! I just sat through two days of a riveting CLE focusing on Investment Management, btw.

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