Friday, November 30, 2007


I think I might need to create a special category just for the Target collaborations. I can hardly keep up, seems like there's a new synergy every other month! Next up, Erin Fetherston. Super cute pieces ...from corduroy jumpers, to satin headbands, to jacquard jackets, to velvet dresses...the list goes on and on!

Check out the collection here. I love and hate the pic above. It's a bit disturbing (I mean, I like frills and bows as much as the next girl, but coupled with the baby expression and those mary's more than a little Lolitaish) but cute nonetheless, no? At the very least, it captures the girlish essence of the line. A heart shaped bag? Seriously? But maybe I need to loosen up a bit--that very bag is all sold out---gosh.

Style Tip: Wear the pieces, but not like that! Ground the look with dark tights and a bob (bun or low ponytail for longer hair) and a serious leather handbag. Please don't walk around with that expression on your face and definitely don't stand around like that...unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing!

P.S. I missed the Cavalli for H&M launch (but Claire's got it documented over at the Fashion Bomb), as I was en route to my native Jamaica for the wedding of dear friends (the bride was stunning in Monique Lhuillier and the groom was smashing in a custom made Ralph Lauren) ...but, guess what? Last week, as I was standing around on line at H&M at 59th and Lex, minding my business...steady justifying the many absolutely unneccessary items that I was about to purchase, luck would have it that someone was returning 6 or 7 pieces from the line! She must have been there for a reason, right? That's no mere coincidence! I was supposed to get my hands on them...I bought them all, but I'm not that greedy. I brought some home for my sister-in-law...and offered a few pieces to others, and returned the rest

Click on the link below for vintage Style Collaborations posts! On deck: Libertine for Target.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Colored tights are another excellent way to spice up this winter's looks. Black tights are so last year! Take a risk or two and wear orange, purple, burgundy or blue.
Arden Wohl on her way to Vogue's 7th on Sale gala at the 69th Regiment Armory...

I really like the selection of color palette tights at Anthropologie. Urban Outfitters has great color options (see their sparkle & fade opaque tights). Check out the models and celebrities in the slide below for inspiration!

Style Tip: wear with colorful shoes; metallics also look great. Black, as always, works well too!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Looking for an easy way to enhance your natural beauty? Add drama and glamour to your everyday look while staying on trend with sultry smokey grey eyes! Use Sephora's smokey eye kit and step-by-step instructions, from professional makeup artist Tim Duncan, to create this alluring effect.

Sephora's smokey eye kit, $71.00 value now available on for $42.00! Grey smokey eye by Tim Duncan Makeup.
The smokey eye kit will be the perfect stocking stuffer for the beauty obsessed on your list. Great for the fashion obsessed too...use the chic metallic case as a clutch for holiday parties and more! Tim Duncan used Sephora's smokey eye kit to achieve the look above. Check out Tim's website here! Be sure to contact her for all your makeup needs.

Smokey Eyes
Difficulty: Easy!

Time Required: 5 Minutes

Here’s How:

1. Prep the lids. Prime lids with foundation. This serves as a base for the eyeshadow. This can be done when you apply foundation to your face before applying makeup.

2. Apply light base color. The key to a smoky eye is pairing a lighter base with the darker hue*. Sweep a light, shimmery shadow over the lids to your browbone, focusing on the inner points (by your nose).

3. Apply a darker (yet complimenting) color to outer lid, starting from the middle of the lid and sweeping across to the outer lid. Use a brush to lightly blend the lighter color with the darker color where they meet in the middle of the lid.

Duwop "Gray Eyes", available at Sephora, $32.00.

4. Apply eyeliner. Apply liner above the upper lash line, drawing a thicker line in the middle. Don’t forget to apply eyeliner to the bottom lash line for a true smokey look. The key is to smudge it in to give a fuller look and less of straight line. You can also apply more dark shadow (instead of smudging) to get a full smudge look.

5. Apply Mascara to both top and bottom lashes. Apply false eyelashes for added drama!

6. You are ready to hit the town!

* Use browns, blacks, dark greens or grays to suit your taste.

Tim Duncan Tip: For a bolder look, apply more shadow. Whether bold or light, apply mascara liberally! I like the gray hues found in the palette above.

Thanks to Sephora and Coutorture for sending me the smokey eye set! Maybe, just maybe, I'll start using appropriate eye makeup brushes instead of my fingers...

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Named as one of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful and a founding member of Grammy award-winning-multi-platinum girl group (with over 33 million albums sold worldwide) TLC, Chilli is quite accomplished!

She is adding to her ever expanding list of accolades and accomplishments with the launch of her company, Bags by Chilli! Inspired by her adorable son, Chilli's personalized photographic handbags affords customers the opportunity to showcase their loved ones, hobbies, artwork and their design skills!

These bags are super cute; I've already started collecting my favorite pics of niece and nephews. Keep reading for my interview with Chilli!

StyleChile: What are your fashion influences?
I am most impressed with custom made items, like the bags that I make and I also love shoes. One of my favorite shoe designers is Giuseppe Zanotti.

StyleChile: How do you manage to stay so fashionable?
Chilli: By watching Stacey and Clinton on What Not To Wear :)

StyleChile: Tell us how we can buy Bags by Chilli!
Chilli: You can visit to select the bags you want, different design options for each bag and directly upload your photo to us. Also, when you create an account you can start a wishlist so that you can give your family and friends ideas about what you would like for gifts. Christmas is right around the corner you know ...

StyleChile: How did you come up with the idea for Bags by Chilli?
Chilli: I was given bags with my son's pictures on them as a gift a few years back. I wanted more bags, with different pictures and in different sizes. Plus, people were ALWAYS asking me where I get my bag from and I got tired of not having an answer to give them. Finally I said, okay not having an answer is not cool--let me do this, let me do my own thing.

StyleChile: What types of bags do you offer?

Chilli: We have everyday bags, lunch boxes, laptop bags, small hand bags for when you are on- the-go and large handbags (when you need to carry your whole life with you) and the list goes on and on.

StyleChile: What is your target market?
Chilli: We don't really target one group. We have a large collection, something for everybody INCLUDING MEN. We have a messenger bag and an awesome toiletry bag for men. A really cute backpack and small purses for young girls/teenagers. We have a beach bag for your cruise goers, a workout bag for your health enthusiasts, a baby bag for new mommies, lunch boxes for kids and so on. We really tried to be inclusive.

StyleChile: What are your plans for Bags By Chilli in the future?
Chilli: We are going to expand our collection to offer a larger selection of shapes, materials, and design options. We are still in the development stage with those, but they are coming!!

StyleChile: Thanks Chilli!

Special thanks to Nirvana and Chilli's little sister, Justice, for making this possible! Thanks to faithful reader, Kelly, for the heads up!
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