Sunday, January 28, 2007


Disney has assembled an all-star cast to help it celebrate the 50th anniversary of its theme parks. Iconic fashion/celebrity photographer, Annie Leibovitz, brought the Disney characters to life.

Scarlett Johansson channels Cinderella in a 62-karat Harry Winston tiara and glass slippers that were custom-made by Steuben:
Beyonce portrays Alice in Wonderland--with Lyle Lovett as the March Hare and Oliver Platt as the Mad Hatter:
Becks is depicted as Snow White's Prince Phillip:

Friday, January 26, 2007


Check out Seisyn's beautiful, hand crafted jewelry over at Etsy! The creative young entrepreneurs at Seisyn offer a selection of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. The Chicago based duo is committed to promoting femininity. Evolve with Seisyn...their prices are unbeatable too! You can thank me later ;)

Thursday, January 25, 2007


This stylish, Parsons-trained, Puertoriquena makes clothes that's to die for! Check out a preview of her collection below.

Lisa is both a stylist and designer, all this while training up-and-coming artists in the Lisa Thon School of Design. Her clothes are at once sexy and understated! Check out her collections here!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


A modern day renaissance woman, Tia Williams is as accomplished as she is beautiful! She was a Beauty Bditor of YM, Elle, Glamour and Lucky Magazines...and is a former Beauty Director of Teen People.

Tia with Lola Ogunnaike of the New York Times and Iman

You may have seen her in the most recent Olay Total Effects commercial, or heard her as she co-hosts "Wake Up With Cosmo" --Cosmopolitan magazine's new radio station, Cosmo Radio, on Sirius satellite radio (channel 111- tune in M-Fri. 7-11am) may have spotted her while flipping through last April's Vibe Vixen, while tuning in for her tips on MTV, CNN and the WB, heeded her advice as a tastemaker on or the myriad other websites which have featured her...but there's more!

In addition to all of the foregoing, Tia is a also a gifted author. Our book club recently completed Tia's "Accidental Diva" and we are eagerly anticipating the follow up!

Be sure to visit to read more about this dynamic woman, while you're there be sure to check out her blog, Shake Your Beauty, it's one of my favorites!

Keep reading for my interview with Tia!

StyleChile: When did you become interested in beauty?
Tia: I was a teenager during the supermodel era --Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer --and I was obsessed with all of them. I’d sit in front of the mirror for hours making myself up to look like one of the girls in George Michael’s “Freedom” video. I got really good at it, and I became the girl who did everyone’s makeup before the big dances at school. Thank God I found the right profession.

StyleChile: Who were your beauty/fashion influences?
Tia: It’s so corny and obvious, but my main style influence is my mom! When I was growing up in the late seventies and early eighties, my mother’s hot-rollered-bouncy hair, big gold hoops and sleek cowl-neck sweaters informed my entire approach to style. She was working the sexy-gypsy thing long before Rachel Zoe thought to pick up a wooden bangle.

StyleChile: How do you manage to stay fashionable?
Tia: I budget! I think the smart way to stay fashionable is to pair high and low. It makes no sense to buy all high-end designers and then go broke, especially when you can get fabulous pieces at Forever 21, H&M and Urban Outfitters. I even found a SICK pair of gold-trimmed black pumps at Payless! As long as you pair a lower-priced piece with a standout item, like a designer bag or blouse, you’re fashionable.

StyleChile: Do you have any tips or words of advice for today's fun, fashionable, females?
Tia: Every fun, fashionable female should own these three things:

HARD CANDY TAKE OUT MAKEUP KIT: It has everything you need in one tiny, tri-level palette-- six lip glosses, two lip brushes, eight eyeshadows, a black eye pencil, mini mascara, two shadow applicators, blush and bronzer. Too cute.

HOT PINK TOOL KIT: Every girl should have a tool kit for home repair --this one is adorably pink, which makes it more Barbie than butch!

SHU UEMURA EYELASH CURLER: Every celeb makeup artist uses this curler, and for good reason—it makes your lashes pop like you wouldn’t believe.

StyleChile: How do you stay inspired?
Tia: My writing room is filled with images of glamorous, smart, iconic black women...Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen Miranda, Diana Ross in Mahogany, Beverly Johnson on the cover of Cosmo in 1977 (the first black woman on their cover), Iman, my mom, my grandmother, anyone that inspires me to make a mark. Everyone should have an inspiration room!

Check out my vintage post on Tia here!


Spring is going to be electric! Almost all of the top designers showed neon in their spring 2007 line. Check out these runway pics below:

Top- left to right: Marchesa, Preen, Fendi, Martin Grant, Ports 1961. Bottom- Left to right: Daryl K., Ferragamo, Christopher Kane, Lanvin, D Squared.

My Picks:

Dolce & Gabbana neon green leather bag available at!

Topshop's nylon bomber- 30.00 pounds sterling!

Styletip: Avoid looking radioactive!!! Pair your neon brights with khaki, navy or brown.

P.S.: I'm totally resurrecting this dress...I got it from Zara, circa 2002!For more Hot New Hues, see these previous posts, or click the link below.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


What: Temperley
Why: Cashmere knits, coats, and dresses are up to 80 percent off.
When: Jan. 18-21. Thurs., 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sun., noon-7 p.m.
Where: 453 Broome St., b/t Mercer & Greene Sts., 2nd flr. (212-219-2929).

What: Huit
Why: Pretty bras and panties, $3-$25. Cash only.
When: Jan. 18 & 19. Thurs. & Fri., 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Where: 40 E. 34th St., b/t Park & Madison Aves., ste. 710 (212-684-0375).

What: Alice + Olivia
Why: Fall merch (dresses, pants, jackets) at up to 70 percent off.
When: Jan. 17-20. Wed.-Fri., 9 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat., noon-5 p.m.
Where: 80 W. 40th St., b/t Fifth & Sixth Aves. (212-840-0887).

What: Auto
Why: Missoni robes, were $235, now $140; Etro pillows, were $138, now $70; Ananas handbags, were $475, now $215; Paul Smith cashmere gloves, were $150, now $90.
When: Jan. 13-31. Mon.-Fri., 11a.m.-8 p.m.; Sat., noon-7 p.m.; Sun., 12-6 p.m.
Where: 803-805 Washington St., b/t Gansevoort & Horatio Sts. (212-229-2292).

What: Cadeau Maternity
Why: Winter and spring essentials at up to 75 percent off.
When: Jan. 31-Feb. 1. Wed. & Thurs., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 254 Elizabeth St., b/t Prince & Houston Sts. (212-994-1801).

What: Rebecca & Drew Manufacturing
Why: Sized-by-bra-size button-front shirts, were $165-$230, now $20-$40; dresses, were $230, now $50; halter tops, were $288, now $50.
When: Feb. 1-3. Thurs.-Sat., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 344 W. 13th St., b/t Eighth Ave. & Hudson St. (212-647-8904).

What: Multidesigner Sample Sale Why: Dru New York flats are $40-$55; Reine gear is $50-$150; Uluru cashmere is $50-$100; Nicole Young dresses are $100. Cash and checks only. When: Jan. 18-20. Thurs. & Fri., noon-7 p.m.; Sat., 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Where: 902 Broadway, b/t 20th & 21st Sts., 20th flr. (212-228 5202).


Being a personal shopper and stylist is not as simple as it sounds. I have become not only a trusted friend to most of my clients, but also a therapist, nutritionist, motivational speaker and confidant, thus the success of Trousseau styling. Contrary to popular belief, getting my clients “the right ensemble”, for the IT event in their lives is not always easy. I have to get it right, every time!

Making my clients believe in my vision is the difference between repeat and recommended business, versus never wanting to see me again. I say all this to segue the introduction of my styling company Trousseau. For those of you not familiar here is a history lesson: Definitively, the word trous•seau is a noun, derived from the Old French, diminutive of trousse, bundle. It refers to possessions, such as clothing and linens that a bride assembles for her marriage. Today the term has come to mean clothing or wardrobe that a person assembles for their lifestyle.

Trousseau clothes, trains and encourages individuals on what to wear, how to wear, when to wear, along with what is hot and what’s not. So ladies get ready!!! You will now know how to dress for the upcoming tea party, book club meeting, first date and the dreaded party where your ex’s new girlfriend will be in attendance. StyleChile is here to cater to every facet of your lives and Trousseau is going to help you get there.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I celebrated a birthday friends threw the best surprise party ever, they were so stealthy, I almost didn't show!

I was convinced that no one loved me, so I didn't want to depress the two people that agreed to have dinner with me on that day...Nevertheless, I decided to quit being a brat, left my apt and met up with them for dinner anyway...It was a good thing too, because turns out, I am loved by many after all! Please send me suggestions for ways to get them on their birthdays, all ideas are welcome!

Naturally, I was inspired by my friends in their fabulous glory! Check out these pics and my gifts!

Z killed it in fishnets and red patent leather! It was the perfect compliment to the rest of the outfit! Wish you could have seen it!

Kell's was inspired by this post, or so she says...what good friends I have!

Yazzy's ankle boots highlight her sculpted calves! Love the tights!

Moi! These are so my favorite shoes! Check out a vintage post about these very same pair here!


Kelly bought me this! It's my new favorite book!

Z bought this beautiful lace clutch from BCBG! I cant wait to rock it! See Keisha's previous post on lace here!

My main man bought me this! Thanks know who you are ;) It's really no thing y'all, he just has a few aliases, I'm not sure which one to use... but trust--Fern Mayo is eternally grateful!

Love you guys! Thanks for making this the best b-day ever!


The Golden Globes went down last night and I actually watched the show!

Best Dressed: Best Actor Award Winner--Forest Whitaker! He and his wife Keisha were styled by Q! Go to Honey Magazine online to see my inaugural article about, and interview with, the styling guru!

Yes, you read it right! I'm so psyched to contribute to Honey Magazine, it's a dream come true!

If you know me, you know that I secretly want to post a picture of Beyonce (in her gold dress no less!) under this caption, but I don't want y'all to think I'm biased or anything!

Honorable Mention: America Ferrera...

...because she's cute and new and smart and she looks like she's the kind of person that brings out the best in people ... that's all way more important than great clothes! But her dress is hot too!

Worst Dressed: Jennifer, why are you dressed so scary???

WTF? I've got no words...

Ambivalent: Cameron Diaz. I think one would really love or hate this dress...I definitely feel a little bit of both...I'm glad that Cameron took the risk, but I think this would be better suited for Nicole Kidman!

Shrug, Yawn, Yay or Eh?

Check out previous coverage of awards shows by clicking the "Award Shows" label below, or click here!

Friday, January 05, 2007


Unleash your inner tiger; roar your way into the New Year with this ferocious trend!

Clockwise from left to right: Wet Seal zebra print scoop neck-$22.50; Lorelei at$20.00/week or $35.00/month for guests; animal print clutch available at pounds!; Dolce & Gabbana oversized aviator sunglasses-$250.00 at saks; Wet Seal's lace corset with matching G String-$16.50; Pupa zebra makeup kit-17.00 pounds at; Brian Atwood animal print d'Orsays $525.00 at saks.

These celebrities show off their wildstyle!

My Pick:

Arden B's leopard and gold chain long necklace -$54.00

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I first saw Genevieve in Vogue-- where she was dubbed "girl of the moment". As is custom, I grabbed my laptop and googled her... I didn't find much, but my how things have changed! The internet is rife with articles and pictures of the "it girl"!

There's been much to-do about the mystery that is Genevieve. Everyone wants to know who she is and from whence she came...The Wall Street Journal even featured her on the front page of their September 14, 2006 issue.

Genevieve is good friend and muse to Zac Posen and a host of other designers and celebrities.
Weighing in at 100 lbs. (all 5'6" of her), it's no wonder that designers throw their gear her way.

With Zac Posen at Paper Magazine's and M.A.C. Cosmetics' recent party for the designer.

She is popular, and like many traditional "socialites", is invited to charity events, gallery openings and premiere's...and is often given designer clothing to wear to such. This is troubling to NYC's elite circle because she's not a typical socialite. Her education, breeding (ugh), and motives are constantly questioned...but they do not, rather, cannot question or doubt her style! Such is the beauty of New York City!

Genevieve with Tinsley Mortimer at Plum Sykes' Book Launch.

Genevieve with Lauren Davis & Tinsley Mortimer at New York Botanical Garden's Winter Wonderland Ball in the Bronx!

Notwithstanding all the hoopla, I think Genevieve is fabulous and tres chic! Check out her pics on Vogue's

Genevieve wearing this season's "it item"...check out my vintage post on the jumper dress here!


Starting tomorrow and lasting through Wednesday, January 10, Shoe-Inn will host it's 10th annual warehouse sale featuring over 10,000 pairs of women's designer shoe and boot collections. All shoes are $19.00- $135.00; boots are $50.00 -$195.00.

Designers range from Pucci, Michael Kors, Chloe, Donald J. Pliner, Betsy Johnson, Uggs, Miss Sixty, Burberry and the list goes on ad merchandise will be added daily!

Join me, and every other woman in NYC at Gotham Hall, located at 1356 Broadway. More info below!

Thanks to reader, Kristin, for the tip!

1/3/2007 -1/10/2007
Mon- Fri 9am- 6:45pm; Sat- Sun 10am-5pm
1356 Broadway Gotham Hall (at 36th & Broadway) New York, NY 10018


Excellent success and the best of wishes to you in the New Year! May you have lots of style, love and laughter in 2007!

Be sure to vote for your favorite trend of 2006 (see sidebar). Results will be posted soon!
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