Saturday, March 03, 2012


"Reebok, baby, you need to try some new things; have you ever had shoes without shoe strings? What's that, Ye? Baby, these heels. . ." - Kanye, We Run this Town. "What's Gucci my $*#!? What's Louis my killa'? What's drugs my dealer? What's that jacket Margiela?" - Kanye, $*#!s in Paris

Kanye knows fashion, no question. His love of fashion and design is evident in his music, musings on his blog and other extramusical pursuits. Even his romantic partners have a keen facility for fashion.* But, Kanye's aptitude for fashion is most apparent in his personal styling. His sartorial style is bold and brash and very much in keeping with his personality. His many varied ensembles suggest a serious understanding of tailoring, fit, colors and textures. The calf leather sandals above, replete with embroidered pearls, evinces Guiseppe Zanotti's expert craftmanship and Kanye's flair for the dramatic. The pair also highlight an intuition for that which is current, for what is fashionable now; these sandals are right on time! The beadwork is reminiscent of South African Zulu artistry and of jewelery worn by Kenya's Masai. The African inspired beading will complement the bold color palettes and Africa inspired collections of Spring 2012. These sandals made their debut during Kanye's Spring/Summer 2012 Presentation and are now available at French retailer Colette for €4,420, approximately $5,800. A second pair of heels designed by the duo is also available at Colette. The black leather and velvet sandal costs €705 or approximately $930. Click on the label below for vintage Objet d' Arts posts!

* Ex-fiance Alexis Phifer is a designer (click here to see my coverage of her showing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week) and former Kanye paramour Amber Rose is a spectacular study in contrasting high fashion and sporty activewear.
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