Thursday, November 30, 2006


In the immortal words of the late Rick James, may he rest in peace: "Do you love me Mary Jane? Yeah. Whoa-oh-oh. Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?"

This trend is hard to miss, join the fashion bandwagon and get your own...

Clockwise from left: Top Shop's patent leather Court shoe - 50 pounds; Vince Camuto's "Lonna" line of Mary Janes are available at Macy's for $150.00; Jimmy Choo's patent leather version are $585.00--consider it an investment in yourself!; Jessica Simpson's line of "Miami" MJ's are $89.00 at Macy's; and Christian Louboutin's peep toe is $590.00 at Saks.

Marc Jacobs' fresh interpretaion of the classic:

Check out these celebs and model sporting their Mary Janes:

My Pick:

Nine West's Lehana is a steal at $79.00. This unique color will add sophisticated chic to any outfit.
Styletip: Don't trip! Even though stacked heels and platforms are ascending new heights--think Ciara's red pumps in her new video, Promise--there's a reason why the likes of these, below, are only $27.00...If you must know, they are available at in the clearance section (cringe).


At Vivica Fox's recent birthday party Star Jones decided-- once again -- to make a fool of herself. We can all learn from her mistakes.
I admonish you to accentuate your assets, while finding ways to flatter the less becoming parts of your figure! Is that so hard? Here we see Star doing the exact opposite.
Star must be thinking: "Hey, I am thin now, so I can wear whatever I want"…NOT the case.

Gathers or "rouching" will draw attention upwards to the point where the detail begins. In Star 's case, her bustline and tummy are highlighted. Is this flattering? Not so much.

I have bulleted Star's errors, and highlighted some suggestions on how to save oneself from being a fashion casualty:
· How many times must I say WEAR PROPER UNDER GARMENTS!!! Both bra and control top.
· GET THE RIGHT FIT – this is not a flattering fit for her body type. Something that falls away at bottom would have been better.
· Length – too short…compare Vivica's more flattering length.
· Detail – we know that it's all about the details, but how dated is that diamond bezel thing in the middle of her chest?
· Color – flat out makes her look ashy!
· And not that this is a don't…but must all African American celebrities share the same weaveologist?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies...the time has come to hide those unsightly thongs, while tucking those tummies away. High waisted pants are BACK!!! Kelis rocked the look in her I'm Bossy video and she killed it.

And who can miss how hot Ciara looked in her latest Promise video. If you have not yet seen it....check it out on Youtube.

These pants are bringing sexy back becuase they flatter everyone. Curves are in. If you have them be proud....and if you dont...these pants will give them to you. Dont forget to wear the proper undergarments to go with this look. I would recommend Spanx because panty lines are a no-no! Pair the high waist pants with a simple crisp top or t-shirt as seen in the picture below.

This new trend can be found at Nordstroms (Marc Jacobs' Sasha Sateen) and Bloomingdales deparment stores.

BCBG also has multiple variations available.

MARC BY MARC JACOBS ' Sasha' Sateen Pants
Wide-leg, sailor-style pants are cut from crisp stretch cotton, with tonal button closure and lace-up detail at the center back waistband.

Check out Christina Aguilera and Keira Knightley with their high waisted pants!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


This is the first in a series dedicated to two of my favorite things: shopping and international travel! Everyone that knows me knows that I've neglected to mention my most favorite thing: eating...but maybe i'll tie that into fashion somehow and blog about my culinary adventures another time...

I've just recently returned from my first trip to Spain! We visited Madrid and Zaragoza--If you want to sound like a true Castilian, this should be pronounced Tharagotha--Ibiza (Ibitha) and Barcelona (Barthelona) are next!

The architecture is divine, below is one of Madrid's many impressive facades:

If energy levels are measured on a scale of 1-10-- with New York, London and Paris scoring 10's-- then Madrid is an 8 and Zaragoza is a 6.8 (don't ask, I use a very scientific method to calculate such things ;-)...But no matter, that was exactly the kind of vacation that I needed!

I had a blast and the the shopping was great! Check out these Fashionable Madrillenas at trendy hotspot Asialounge, inside of MomaBar:

These women were smoking (natch!) in front of Lateral, Madrid's best tapas bar:

Everyone was wearing boots--ankle boots, mid-calf, cowboy, slouchy, knee-hi's, the list goes on and on--flats and tights are just as popular there too!

The countryside is magnificent, here's a view from the train as we traveled from Madrid to Zaragoza:

This is me, doing what I do best...i bought the black one. Only 30.00 Euros at Coco Complementos (on Ave. San Miguel)!

Styletip-Madrid: Be sure to visit the shoe "outlets" on Augusto Figueroa...this street is quite overwhelming, even for seasoned shoppers like myself...I can do without looking at another pair of shoes for the next month or favorite store on that strip is Stilleto (perhaps it's because it was the first shoe "outlet" that I visited) - my traveling companions each found cute pairs there. Stop in for tapas at Bardemcilla afterward--this Tapas bar is owned by the mother and sister of actor, Javier Bardem...we found out, the hard way, that one should not even think about trying to get a table without a reservation.

If you like to look at pretty things, visit the Treasures of Dauphin, an impressive exhibit of objets d'arts, in the basement of the Museo del Prado.

Styletip-Zaragoza: Stop into El Corte Ingles for "mall" shopping, visit the boutiques that line the main square, and be sure to stop into Zara, of course! Mango, another european shop--Zara's main competition-- is a must! Fifteen Mango stores will be opened in the US soon.

Stay tuned for Globeshopper: Milan. Adios!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


The American Music Awards went down last Tuesday. I missed the show, but that wont stop me from putting in my two cents!

Best Dressed: Promiscuous Girl!

Nelly gives Queen Bey a run for her money! I love everything about this ensemble, from the bangs to the shoes!
Beyonce always manages to get it right, her dress can stand a bit of ironing though! It's all in the details hun...

Honorable Mention:

Paris really surprised me with this one...keep up the good work!

Gold Fever: Katharine McPhee and Bey clearly got the memo!

Get your version of Beyonce's dress from Max Mara:

Worst Dressed: "Why are you dressed so scary?"

What is Gwen 'tryna do here? She done had a baby then went and lost her damn mind. She looks like a Versace ad gone wrong. Poor Gavin.

Now, Jamie looks good from the neck down to the waist, and i really do just mean to the waist...stop looking about a quarter inch after that last button...He loses me with those white pants--what's up with the extra material on his jacket?!?!


The Pussycat Dolls generally suffer from the same style schizophrenia that's afflicting Danity Kane, they can never manage to look in sync AND different...they look better than usual here: black, white and red all over--boring!

E for Effort:

I'm not loving this look, but it's better than nothing...I mean, she IS going through a divorce and simultaneously making her comeback album, not to mention she just gave birth to two children in two years...I guess.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out this great site,, for for one of a kind blazers (for women and men) and jewelry!

The visionaries at Beanpye aim to create a medium that reflects “inner spirit and celebrate uniqueness…every garment and accessory is bold and defiant, yet versatile enough to compliment your existing wardrobe.”

Get your Beanpye on at their NYC Trunkshow on December 2 where you can save the world AND your wardrobe, because 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the Save Darfur Organization with an additional 15% going to the RED campaign, spearheaded by Bono and Oprah in conjunction with Gap! RSVP to for info on the midtown Manhattan location.

Keep reading! My interview with Beanpye CEO and designer, Sabrina Thompson, follows:

stylechile: when did you become interested in designing?
sabrina: Around the age of 10 or 11 is when fashion really sparked any type of real interest. I ran track pretty much all of my life and as a child the late Flo Jo was my idol. I was inspired by her creative track outfits and the fact that she dared to be different and STILL remained beautiul. So at a young age I started wearing somewhat unconventional pieces and my fashion creativity pretty much escalated from that point.
stylechile: who are your fashion influences?
sabrina: Of course, the sports icon I just mentioned Flo Jo. Aside from Flo Jo the only other designer that really influences me or that I absolutely love is Betsy Johnson. However, all types of music, abstract artwork and espcecially working with kids inspire me to create items from scratch. Extreme arts of work or people tend to have a creative effect on me such as a song with a heavy bassline, chaotic artwork and ecclectic kids. Kids possess raw emotion. They are simple and brutally honest and many times my interaction with them sparks a flow of creativity.

stylechile: How do you manage to stay fashionable?
sabrina: Hmmm....HA! That is a million dollar question because I'm the furthest thing from a magazine junky there is so it's not like I'm flipping through magazines on a weekly or monthly basis...every blue moon I'll pick up a magazine. Although I love to shop, it has become a bore over the last few years so I'm not readily shopping in tons of stores. I'm an advocate of taking what you have and making it work or "polishing" aka remixing it...which is where my revamping of jackets come into play with Beanpye. I can say hands down that watching any type of red carpet event inspires me to create or any time period movie that goes back decades or centuries ago. Most of the time those time period movies whether it's Gladitor, Malcolm X, Memoirs of a Gesha, Lady Sings the Blues, etc...the costumes and wardrobe created for the main characters are so rich, bold, and full of detail.

stylechile: Do you have any tips or words of advice for today's fun, fashionable, females?
sabrina: Wear what makes you feel good. If it's boy shorts and a tank top, a jogging suit, 5 inch pumps, a leather pencil skirt...WHATEVER! What is the point of putting on clothes if it doesn't transend your spirit and remind you of the character you possess?

stylechile: How do you stay inspired?
sabrina: Working with all types of people on a daily basis. I'm a people person...a talker...Also, traveling helps me stay inspired too!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Christmas has come early…I’ve been hoping and praying, harnessing my chi and crossing my fingers, that I would get a Roland Mouret dress for Chistmas (and/or Kwanzaa). Looks like I was a good girl after all! Fashion Santa has decided that —in keeping with all of the hi-lo synergies of late (See, e.g., this one)—Roland Mouret and Gap shall collaborate and unveil a limited edition line on December 1 at select New York City Gap stores.

The line will be available at the following locations:

54th Street & 5th Avenue; 59th Street & Lexington; 42nd Street & Broadway; 34th Street & Broadway; 18th Street & 5th Avenue; 42nd Street & 3rd Avenue; and Astor Place.

Check out this article (and this one) for more on the pairing!


TopShop to open NYC store!

This European powerhouse will now be available to folks that live outside of England and Ireland! You’ve heard it here first. The NYC TopShop will be in SoHo (right next to the Adidas store on Houston and Broadway). Thanks to reader, Sabrina, for putting me onto this tidbit.

Rose Jacquered Shift Dress 85.00 pounds sterling.

La Redoute: Inexpensive Basics Online

This French website provides high quality merchandise for inexpensive prices (a friend has just purchased 5 cashmere blend tops for under $100.00). Log on to purchase sweaters, turtlenecks, camis and other essentials. Special thanks to reader, Kelly, for this tip!

Click here to experience la difference!

Mimi Magazine

Check out this amazing magazine created for young African women! MiMi, Swahili for “Me”, is “A lifestyle magazine that addresses topics ranging from style to politics from the unique perspective of the African woman aged 18-34. It is a channel through which African Women can embrace their rich cultural inheritance and remarkable talents.”

Planet Lulu

Check out Planet Lulu, LA's premiere sample sale company! You can find top designers' merchandise for 50-75% below retail.

Thanks to reader, Carla, for the tip!

Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm off to Espana! Posting will be sporadic at best, but I will have a full report on how our European counterparts are gearing up in Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona!


The tartan fabric is one of this season's "it" items!

| View Show | Create Your Own

I have to admit that i wasnt a fan, but i'm now a recent convert, ever since Project Runway's Jeffrey Sebelia did this:
This dress is genius!
Check out Marc Jacobs' Rikki plaid coat on

My plaid must-have:

Burberry Nova Check boots...I pray for rain just so that I can wear them!

Styletip: Don't overdo it! You'll be safe if you wear with solids, but if you really want to funk up an outfit add another bold graphic print!

Credit: Getty Images


H&M does it again! After successfully pairing with Karl Lagerfeld and then with Stella McCartney, the retail chain mashes it up again with Dutchmen Viktor and Rolf!

Hurry in, you might still be able to get your hands on some of the pieces!

Create Your Own!

Credit: Getty Images.
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