Sunday, September 14, 2008


Given that Gen Art provides a platform for emerging artists and considering that designers such as Zac Posen, Rebecca Taylor, Chaiken, Rodarte, Louis Verdad, Milly, Philip Lim, Twinkle by Wenlan, Duckie Brown, Geren Ford, Sari Gueron & Shoshanna were all debuted by Gen Art--well before they were known by the masses--I was geeked to get a chance to preview the collection of one of Gen Art's emerging stars!

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Pieces from Crhee's Spring '09 line on the Gen Art: Fresh Faces runway

Inspired by the movie Gattaca, Christine Rhree's line is part futuristic and supernatural. Her line is classic and timeless yet unconventional; at once minimalist and soft, yet highly structured and strong! Case in point, the black dress to the far left, it' appears as a classich sheath from the front, but includes an unexpected cut-out back; the "bones" within are outlined in white, reminiscient of a skeleton. Check out my pics of Christine and her Spring '09 line below.

Christine Rhee! Her fab shoes are by Pierre Hardy!

Of the designer, Women's Wear Daily stated: "Meanwhile, if 007 were a woman, she would go for the former architect Christine Rhee’s body-conscious suiting in her fierce-yet-feminine line CRHEE."

Showcasing her wit and love for, among others, the artist formerly known as Prince, CRHEE's Spring '09 line includes a few pieces that were made with the artist in mind. One ensemble includes a top named Mayte and a skirt called Apollonia.

Mark my words, this former Princeton educated architecture student (and apprentice for architect Lynn Breslin) turned fashion designer is the next big thing. You can thank me later! CRHEE's pieces retail for $300 - $600; get your own at and

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hey, y'all. I took a few pics of some of the celebrities who were in attendance at the Pamella Roland show (check out my review of the show in the post below). I was so impressed with just how easy going they all were. Each chatted me up for a bit and wanted to know all about the blog.

Natalie Cole looked fabulous. Her Pamella Roland dress and jewelry and makeup were fierce.. her skin is positvely radiant...haircut is so on point.

Mel B. told me that she was looking forward to form fitting outfits for this fall; she knows what works for her and embraces it! She was eager to see what Pamella had to offer. Her husband, Stephen Belafonte, was very gracious...he wanted the focus to be on his wife, but he posed for a few pics as well.

America's Next Top Model judge and noted fashion photographer, Nigel Barker, and his beautiful wife--she's also wearing Pamella Roland!

I've finally gotten a pic of Nigel! I've struggled to get good pics of him in the past, but came really close at the M&M's premium event. When I told him about my various attempts, his wife chimed in with: "Honey, all you had to do was ask!". Yay!

Angela and Vanessa Simmons were darling! How cute are they?! I cannot get enough of Vanessa's Arden Wohl esque headband! Check out their sneaker line, Pastry!

Eric Benet and his companion were so charming!

Danity Kane's D. Woods came in right before the show started, but graciously posed for pics.

Speaking of America's Next Top Model, cycle 9 winner, Saliesha killed it in Pamella's show! Tyra and all the Jay's would be proud!

I sat right behind Essence Magazine's Mikki Taylor...ok, talk about starstruck! I was careful to keep it under wraps, but I adore her!

D. Woods and Angela and Vanessa got together for a group shot.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008


One of my many favorites, this piece is rivaled only by the pink gingham concoction that came out right before. Swoon.
You guys! I have been sleeping on Pamella Roland, I cannot believe that I've never really paid attention to her before. I saw her show yesterday at Bryant Park (thanks Michelle!), and I am in love...seriously.
To borrow a phrase from a friend, her entire line--all of it--gave me everything! Every single outfit was top notch. From the color, to the detailing (y'all know I love ruffles), to the clean lines. It was simple and elegant, but also very in your face. She achieved the perfect balance of understated, yet not... Please keep a look out for Pamella. She's one to watch! Check out my personal pics of the show in the slide below, and please give me photo credit if you use the slide or photo;)

As you can see, the quality could be better, so check out some better pics of Pamella's show here.
Pamella's Spring '09 line was inspired by American artist, Ellsworth Kelly. The extensive 58 piece collection "embodies the bold color, geometric form, and sensuous lines of Kelly's work."
Look out for next post featuring celebs from Pamella Roland's front row in the tents! Click on the label below for vintage Fashion Week and Style Events posts!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


So, my sister-in-law is itchin' to cut her hair...and sent me a photo of the indomitable Posh-- whom I like to refer to as Vix--showing off her new pixie hair cut. Apparently, the new hairdo is not the only thing Vix debuted this week.

Victoria Beckham shows off her new haircut at Fashion Week

She's launced a limited edition (400 pieces/10 styles) dress collection! Yum. Something about these--and every Black Halo* dress, and every sheath for sale nowadays--just smacks of Roland Mouret! I know that she is a fan, as am I--except I cannot yet justify a RM purchase--(I love clothes in general, but covet Roland Mouret's galaxy dress like nothing else. I think if I were given the choice of picking one item of clothing to be worn forever, I would pick this dress.) and wears Roland's dresses frequently...but sheesh. This is definitely a step up from DVB Jeans though!

Piece's from Posh's line...

Interestingly enough, Roland Mouret was recently interviewed by the very new Wall Street Journal magazine (yes, they're following in the foot steps of the Financial Times and New York Times--now I can get in a bit of fashion reading while fulfilling my professional reading requirement!) and launched a thinly veiled attack on those who dumb down fashion by making cheaper version of his, and every major designer's, high-end wares. He couldn't have been referring to Vix becuase her dresses are almost as expensive as his, starting at £650--that's a little more than $1,000 USD. Check out the pieces from Victoria Beckham's collection here.

Check out vintage posts on Roland Mouret and DVB Jeans here and here.

* I had an old store credit that I had to use today, so I gave in and went for a Roland Mouret knockoff (one would think that anything that costs in excess of $300.00 would not be considered knockoff, but I digress)! This will have to tide me over until I start ballin'.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


In addition to the Victoria's Secret event discussed in the post below, on Sunday I attended a reception for bloggers affiliated with the Glam network on the Terrace of the Bryant Park Grille. The location was perfect--the tents were just a few steps away.

In a nod to the U.S. Presidential election the entrance to the tents was decorated with buttons equating fashion with change and encouraging people to vote.
Of course, our proximity to the tents meant that we were literally stones throw away from the celebrities and models who were on their way into or out of the Diane Von Furstenberg show... I took some photos for y'all to enjoy!
Eva Longoria on her way to the Diane Von Furstenberg Show

Joy Bryant was so pleasant and is even more beautiful in person.

Shouldn't Maria Sharapova have been at the U.S. Open?!

Earlier in the day, Eva Longoria modeled a Pamella Roland dress as she promoted M&M's.

Zoe Saldana strutted by...

My pics of Uma Thurman and Rosario Dawson were not that great so they didn't make the cut. Jennifer Lopez was around, but getting a pic of her is almost impossible. Stay tuned for model candids and for additional Mercedes Benz Fashion Week coverage!


Fashion Week is still going strong! I stopped into the Victoria's Secret gifting suite at the Bryant Park Hotel earlier today--thanks Janelle!--and enjoyed a preview of the new Supermodel Obsessions collection. Check out some of my personal pics below.

I like! This line is definitely fashion forward. I wonder if I can wear the longer black pieces out? That "skirt" on the left and black "dress" with the bows on right would look great--with appropriate undergarments (natch) and black leather jacket, no?
I was in a rush so was unable to sit for a complimentary massage or astrology reading by Susan Miller, but was very happy with the contents of the swag bag...don't you just love Fashion Week?

The personalized gift card was a nice touch!

Btw-Victoria's Secret Beauty is doing the makeup for Christian Siriano's show on Thursday, September 11 at 6:30 p.m.


Dominican Beauty Arlenis Sosa Peña

Fashion Week 2008 opened with a stunner with BCBG Max Azria--who showed pieces that are in sharp contrast to this fall's fitted, structured and highly stylized fashions. The Spring 2009 line is soft, sexy, flowy and rock and roll. The collection reminded me the outfits made popular by it girls in the Studio 54 era. I can so see Bianca Jagger in the flowy-yet-clingy pants.

Not for the wall flower, I would expect that only the most confident of fashionistas would wear something from this collection. Not-so-subtle draping lent a Grecian air, the long maxi dresses evoked the 70's and sharp black added some edge. Overall, the collection looked very resort with bursts of color--in intense shades of orange and fuschia and blue--interrupting what would otherwise be a monochromatic palette.
Photo Credit:

Friday, September 05, 2008


Fashion Week is already upon us! I cannot wait to see what the designers have in store for Spring 2009. Today kick's off New York's Mercedes Benz Spring 2009 Fashion Week. Enjoy a preview of what the designers will be sending down the runway:
I am particularlarly interested in seeing what Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera, Phillip Lim and Matthew Williamson have to offer! I'm thrilled to have invites to some events and to the Pamella Roland show on Wednesday. Check out the schedule here, and be sure to check StyleChile for updates!
Hopefully this fashion week will be as exciting as the last! Click on the label below to see coverage of past Fashion Shows!

Credit: AM New York. Special thanks to David B. for the scans!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


On Monday, tired from a long weekend of Brooklyn activities, I tagged along with fab friends Renae of Crush Media and Rasu Jilani of Coup d'etat Brooklyn to a BBQ held at the Williamsburg home of Haze...*
Dee and Ricky and me!

...a noted artist who is responsible for album cover art for the likes of Public Enemy, EPMD, LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys and the man responsible for this often imitated writing style. Watch this space for more on Eric Haze! Shortly after settling in (read: pigging out with my homie Keish and fab artist Livingroom Johnston), and after having admired all of Haze's fantastic art, we noticed the two guys pictured above...they made their entrance by careening though the door...they literally bounced in! Youthful exuberance and energy emanated from their pores.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 runway featuring Dee and Ricky's lego designs

Turns out it was Dee and Ricky, the charismatic twin designing and dancing duo, whose lego designs were featured--on belts, barrettes and brooches--on Marc Jacob's Spring 2008 runway! Known as "the twins" or "the soho kids" Dee and Ricky are well known for their talent for dancing--they're members of the 3 man dance group, Jackson Swinton and are also 2/3 rds of a set of triplets! Their knack for designing finally got the audience it deserves when, according to one of the twins, they met Jason Preston at a party. Preston was so intrigued with their lego belts, that he introduced the twins to Marc and the rest is history!

I asked the twins about their inspiration and plans for the future. They've just always liked working with legos and the like...surprise, surprise! They're also working with Marc on some projects and are launching their own line of products soon. The belts were sold, limited edition, by Marc Jacobs, but are available online at Kanye West is a huge fan of these guys...get your own and tell em I sent ya! For additional pics and an insightful interview of the twins, check out Nitrolicious here.

* Haze founded his own clothing line in 1993, which remains recognized worldwide as one of the original brands that helped create the blueprint for streetwear as we know it today. He has a Haze Brand store in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan.

Photo Credit: Renae Bluitt/Crush Media (first photo above).

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