Wednesday, July 04, 2012



I can't get enough of big, bold, sparkly, statement necklaces. Adding one of these gem encrusted pieces is by far the easiest way to elevate an ordinary ensemble into the extraordinary. No need for a lot of makeup and bells and whistles when wearing a necklace like the one above. Simple, monochromatic pieces work best to showcase these beauties! Interested in trying this style? See below for where to buy.

1. Tom Binns Dumont Crystal necklace - $2,670 on net-a-porter; 2. Doloris Petunia one-of-a-kind Statement necklaces starting at  $400 on Etsy; 3.Badgley Mischka's Madame X necklace, available at Charm and Chain for $495; 4. Ben-Amun's five-strand pearl and dangling pendant necklace, $695 on Charm and Chain; and  5. Suzzana Dai's ivory windsor necklace, $470 on Charm and Chain.

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