Tuesday, September 02, 2008


On Monday, tired from a long weekend of Brooklyn activities, I tagged along with fab friends Renae of Crush Media and Rasu Jilani of Coup d'etat Brooklyn to a BBQ held at the Williamsburg home of Haze...*
Dee and Ricky and me!

...a noted artist who is responsible for album cover art for the likes of Public Enemy, EPMD, LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys and the man responsible for this often imitated writing style. Watch this space for more on Eric Haze! Shortly after settling in (read: pigging out with my homie Keish and fab artist Livingroom Johnston), and after having admired all of Haze's fantastic art, we noticed the two guys pictured above...they made their entrance by careening though the door...they literally bounced in! Youthful exuberance and energy emanated from their pores.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 runway featuring Dee and Ricky's lego designs

Turns out it was Dee and Ricky, the charismatic twin designing and dancing duo, whose lego designs were featured--on belts, barrettes and brooches--on Marc Jacob's Spring 2008 runway! Known as "the twins" or "the soho kids" Dee and Ricky are well known for their talent for dancing--they're members of the 3 man dance group, Jackson Swinton and are also 2/3 rds of a set of triplets! Their knack for designing finally got the audience it deserves when, according to one of the twins, they met Jason Preston at a party. Preston was so intrigued with their lego belts, that he introduced the twins to Marc and the rest is history!

I asked the twins about their inspiration and plans for the future. They've just always liked working with legos and the like...surprise, surprise! They're also working with Marc on some projects and are launching their own line of products soon. The belts were sold, limited edition, by Marc Jacobs, but are available online at www.deeandricky.com. Kanye West is a huge fan of these guys...get your own and tell em I sent ya! For additional pics and an insightful interview of the twins, check out Nitrolicious here.

* Haze founded his own clothing line in 1993, which remains recognized worldwide as one of the original brands that helped create the blueprint for streetwear as we know it today. He has a Haze Brand store in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan.

Photo Credit: Renae Bluitt/Crush Media (first photo above).


mp4 player said...
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V Ribbed Belts said...

I'm a sucker for anything new and innovative, I was first introduced to the Twins aka Dee and Ricky when I went on the Camp Beverly Hills Field Trip in Las Vegas. The Twins are fun and creative, their Lego belts and brooches are what caught my eyes and Marc Jacobs. I want all of it, so cute and makes an outfit more interesting. && i know that Dee and Ricky has recently launched their online shop, you can cop their belts and brooches directly on there. Just a heads up, they're having a special sale for their Red Heart Lego Brooch at FredFlare.com for $20 versus $65- cop it quick!

Anonymous said...

They're so full of energy!! I've met them a couple times. Good peeps. www.myspace.com/dzzr

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