Friday, June 22, 2007


Posh's DVB line of denim and sunglasses is now available stateside!

Posh looking fresh and clean while rocking her own DVB denim with hot Louboutin's for the launch at her DVB line at Saks a few days ago.

More to come in September, but for now you can shop the Denim by Victoria Beckham collection at Kitson's (jeans ranging from $175-$290)--I love, love, love Victoria's style, but i'm not a fan of the heavy star action on the pockets...

I was not able to find anything from the line on Saks' website, but these sunglasses are available in select locations....Speaking of sunglasses, check out my 'Stunna Shades piece over at Honey!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried her jeans?

I love VB but from the waist down she has the body of a child. Someone please get this girl a bucket of fried chicken

Kira Fashion said...

Posh sunglasses are so cool!!

a kiss

great blog!

Naki said...

Anonymous, thanks for your post! Yeah, she's most definitely not a "normal" size. I don't know anyone who's tried the jeans, but the sunglasses are 'kinda hot!

Thanks Kira!

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