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Coup d’etat Brooklyn, a fashion forward and consciously progressive t-shirt line, was launched in fall 2004 by Daoud Abeid, Rasu Jilani, and Suhail Smith. It serves as an artistic fusion of expression and life philosophy merged into attention-grabbing designs that everyone, no matter his or her creed, can fully embrace. In an exclusive interview with StyleChile, founding members, Rasu Jilani (personal and trusted friend) and Daoud Abeid, disclose their passion for fashion and success!

StyleChile: So why the name coup d'etat and what does it mean exactly; what inspired you to choose that name for your clothing line?

Rasu: coup d'etat means "a sudden blow or change of state", in French. Daoud initially came up with the name, because at the time we were tired of the state of fashion choices out there. We decided to create an alternative, while staging a takeover that better represents our style and aesthetic. Coup d'etat seemed to fit perfectly. Brooklyn was then added, because it is where the concept was born.

StyleChile: I have watched you grow in many ways from our college days at Syracuse University. What in particular has affected your style and how does that reflect in your work as an artist?

Rasu: I don’t think I am an artist, nor do I consider myself to be one. I wear many hats, but an artist is not one of them. I would have to say my partners Daoud, and Suhail are the artists of the brand. I consider myself a business mind. I take coup d'etat as a concept, and then get it out to the world. A salesman, if you will. As for my style, it is nothing other than an expression of myself. I don't follow trends, nor am I inspired by what someone else is wearing, or what someone "says" is "Hot". I am a moody person, so my "style" changes with my mood.

Daoud: Life inspires me. I mean my experiences and life; my art is fueled by my reaction to life and the state of the World. There is so much going on and so little said about it. So, instead of taking a soap-box or sitting back and saying nothing, reactions and opinions are expressed through the art. Light travels faster than sound, so you can reach more people with visuals than you can with the spoken word.
StyleChile: Who are your fashion influences?

Rasu: The world. There are so many things happening around us, and this in itself is art. I pay attention and use what I see fit. It can be my immediate environment (the hood), something I

see outside of my Hood, or something I see in a movie. And No, I am not influenced by rap videos (laughs). I think sometimes it's important for us to look outside of our immediate environments, it can add to our development in style.

Daoud: My hood, and my social group. We influence the world and the world influences us. My style is the style that has come from the heart of NYC, and is in reaction to

NYC. Like sneakers were a necessity that became fashion, we copy and take things that are supposed to be for a higher tax bracket, aspirational life style, and incorporate it into our daily life then make it our own. Examples are Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Prada. And in turn, some of these brands became affected by us.

StyleChile: How do you manage to stay fashionable?

Daoud: It comes naturally. It’s no brainer. It’s just how we do!

Rasu: If I see something I like, I incorporate it in my style. But to be honest, I am bit of a sneaker head, so most of my gear is centered on what kicks I’ve got on, and a t-shirt that represents what I am about. Everything else is an accessory. I don't really think about it too hard.

StyleChile: Do you have any tips or words of advice for your fashionable consumers?

Rasu: Be yourself. We all can agree it can be a challenge to step outside of the box. But, try it sometime; you may like not being a clone.

Daoud: Yep! Don’t be afraid to step out the box.

StyleChile: How do you stay inspired?

Daoud: The youth are my salvation.

Rasu: The Babies! *smiles* and there are always fools to show you what not to do or look like (laughs). You can learn from everyone.

StyleChile: Where can we find your clothing line?

Rasu: Oh that is easy, go to our website or our myspace page to see a list of all our affiliates (shameless plug) or


Renae said...

great interview! lovin' Style Chile!

keep up the great work, ladies.



Naki said...

Thanks Renae! Glad you like!

Mr. Trill Batersbee said...

good stuff, glad someone pinned these guys down for a bit. informative and encouraging. peace.

Keisha said...

Thanks for the encouraging words

Your Girl said...

I've wondered about that name! Nice site... :-)

Larvetta said...

great interview and i love my T-shirts....

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