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If you want to be counted among the ranks of Philly's finest, you've 'gotta stop into Ella Jean Boutique located in hip Northern Liberties!

The boutique is located right behind Soy Cafe and is a veritable treat for the eyes! The merchandise is also pocketbook friendly with very reasonable prices. Tons of cute vintage pieces and one-of-a kind finds (clothing, jewelry and other accessories) by Indy and Contemporary designers! Keep reading for my interview with Ella Jean founder, Tamika (pictured above)!

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Ella Jean
630 North 2nd Street
Fairmount and Spring Garden
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(215) 510.7494

StyleChile: When did you become interested in fashion?
Tamika: Um…I know it was very early. Some of my earliest memories were of me getting new shoes and wearing them around the house for hours when we came home from the store. I also remember the first piece I couldn’t afford but coveted so deeply my aunt finally bought it for me. It was very eighties teal green with huge black stars all over it. I was probably 10. My whole family laughed at me, but I couldn’t have been happier. So…like I said it was early.

StyleChile: Who were your fashion influences?
Tamika: When I was a kid it was Diana Ross all the way. I still strive to achieve that kind of class and grace. In this day, it’s just not something young women and girls embrace anymore.
Now, the most random things will inspire me. It could be the way a mother dresses her child, to
any woman or man walking down the street. I’m constantly awed by retro fashions though. An old Audrey Hepburn movie will put a million ideas in my head, thanks to Givenchy of course.

StyleChile: how do you manage to stay fashionable?
Tamika: It’s funny how that’s changed over time. I use to be all over the trends, buy all new stuff every season and it’d be done by the next year. As I’ve gotten older I realize the value in classic style and investing in character defining pieces. Don’t get me wrong trends are great and I follow them when I like them, but it’s important not to be too affected. Don’t live and die by them. You always have to know what looks good on your figure and fits your personality. Don’t spend your rent on the newest logo splattered (insert item here), knowing next season you’ll regret it.

StyleChile: do you have any tips or words of advice for today's fun, fashionable, females?
Tamika: My tip is a very contradictory one. Have fun and release your fears of being judged. At the same time know what looks good on you and stay away from things that don’t. So, yes you may say “I don’t care how I look in my ultra low rise skinny jeans… they’re hot!” , but not necessarily on you sweety. If boot cut still works for you then work the hell out of it and add flare that compliments you. And don’t be afraid to mix styles and trends and “genres” of clothing. Why not pair sexy stilettos with an overly baggy hoody
or Chuck Taylors with ripped jeans and a sequin belaro? Challenge yourself and compliment your figure.

StyleChile: how do you stay inspired?
Tamika: It’s tough because you want to create things that people like, but if the trends are leaning toward something you’re completely not into it’s hard feel inspired to create. The last thing you want is to be a clone. You have to be in It and out of It at the same time. Knowing what’s out there enough to stay marketable, but being independent enough to create clothing that’s outside of that box. It’s been said that everything’s already been done. If that’s true then who cares, I just have to do whatever makes me feel free.

Photo Credit: Kelly Turso


Elle Woods said...

wow..that store looks jsut like Harriets Alter Ego in NY.

Naki said...

Thanks for your comment! I haven't visited Harriet's Alter Ego yet...I'll tell Tamika to check them out.

Lovet said...

Her shop looks nice. I wish I lived in P.A. One day when I visit I will stop by. Thanx for showing some love on my page.

Kelly said...

I love Ella Jean! I went to the grand opening party and fell in love with a zillion pieces...and I wasn't the only one! Mad guys were shopping too! There was a members only jacket that was the flyest thing I have seen!

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