Sunday, June 03, 2007


From our closet to yours! We spend a lot of time surfing the net and reading magazines, then try to distill-- most of what we have gleaned from such --and convey to you on our blog. But, as we were getting dressed to go out, this past weekend, the thought occurred to us to share some of our own personal favorites with you! Check out Keisha's picks on the left and Naki's picks on right.

Above you will find some of our favorite summer dresses. We are both lovers of fashion (and are champion shoppers), so the dresses above were culled down from a much larger number...but in the end, we thought these were representative of the look and feel of summer 2007. Note the short lengths and not-so-form fitting silouhette.

Left: grey coat with sateen finish from Forever 21 fits like any dress, super cute for chilly summer evenings; pink t-shirt dress, featuring a deep v-neck in the back, with silver sequined crosses on each side available at Uniqlo; and white linen pocket dress from H&M is great for a summer afternoon date. A HOT Paul Smith dress was not included because it was in the cleaners :(

Right: Big polka dot pocket dress from the Gap is perfect with a cropped denim jacket; navy dress from Kate Moss for Top Shop line for Barneys--be careful, this one is shorter than it appears; and silver and white sequined dress from French Connection is great for a night out on the town--pair with dark tights and silver shoes in winter or open toed silver pumps in the summer!


Anonymous said...

Can you please model them for us, fanks.

Candid Cool said...

the gap dress is quite cute

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