Monday, April 02, 2007


I think this showdown between Diane Von Furstenberg and Forever 21 is Hilarious! Much funnier than it probably is...I mean, as a lawyer, I should be a bit more sensitive to the issues surrounding infringement, plagiarism etc...However, I cannot help but laugh each time I think about DVF's "Cerisier" dress v. Forever 21's "Sabrina".

Can you spot the difference?

DVF- $325.00 Left; Forever 21- $32.00 Right

Even though I am guilty of buying higher priced items when I know that a lower priced version is just as good, I think it's high time that designers are called out for their flagrant and unjustifiable markups.

It's one thing if a product is made of superior materials and required a ridiculous amount of manpower to produce, but it's another thing when one charges hundreds more for the same fabric and design.

Let's be real. We all know that designer-wear is aspirational, and most people will buy the more expensive items only to separate themselves from the hoi polloi--who cannot afford them. And so, even though, by all accounts, Forever 21 is just wrong, wrong, wrong I think this incident will do more to shed light on misplaced importance many place on acquiring expensive items--only because they are expensive--and is a riotously funny victory for the folks who cannot afford them!

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