Friday, April 06, 2007


Lucite is going to be big this season... It fits perfectly with the edgy, space-agey theme that is so popular right now...think gunmetal and Balenciaga! This glass acrylic serves as an accent to many of the season's pieces, but is most commonly incorporated into shoes. What better way to balance those chunky heels? It's clear... your wedges will appear as if they're not there! Your feet may not feel like it, but at least you can look like you're walking on air!

My lucite picks are below!

Top: Oscar de la Renta lucite necklace $1,100.00; Erika Peña lucite chandelier earrings $58.00; Lanvin "Nopalea" bag $2,; Middle: Giuseppe Zanotti purple velvet lucite wedge sandals $375.00-; Fendi peeptoe Platform $705.00-; Bottom: Fendi plastic and embroidered bag $1,580.00(not lucite, I know!); Faceted oval lucite necklace $48.00-; Silver-plate lucite cuff, Alexis Bittar, $190 at Alexis Bittar 212-625-8340; patent leather lucite shoes $89.00-

I have long been a fan of lucite furniture, and have my eye this
Philip Stark Ghost Chair ...and I like lucite accessories too...but, I am not so sure that I like, or ever will like, lucite heels! Don't get me wrong, I think they are interesting, and would wear a pair should someone buy them for me, but I will not buy lucite shoes anytime soon, I digress...Check out other style trends posts here, or click the link below!


Kelly said...

That OdLR necklace would go perfectly with this new white top I have. Feel free to go ahead and get me that early b-day gift!

'Preciate it!


Naki said...

Haha! I was hoping someone would cop it for me too :)

ISF said...

I love the Oscar de la Renta necklace - so modern yet so elegant. I-S-F

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