Monday, April 02, 2007


The Essence marketing team is preparing a video presentation that will highlight a sample of their consumer audience that have smart style. They would like to unearth the motivations that drive African American women to shop and spend more than the average woman. Essence will begin filming in April, and will need representation of their true audience to share their style and experiences. They are looking for the (i) Diva, (ii) Professional, and (iii) Young-un. See descriptions below!

THE DIVA (25 to 40): This alpha-female of fashion is all about designer garments. She not only knows the latest collection from Gucci, Louis, Donna Karen and Lauren, but she's got the best pieces hanging in her closet. She knows what designers work for her and knows exactly how (and when) to wear them. She doesn't leave the house without being prepared to shop.

THE PROFESSIONAL (20s-40): The working mom, household-income-contributing wife, or single entrepreneur who makes sure that her style mixes her want for high-end fashion with an affordable, multi-functional look. Her wardrobe takes her from the boardroom to the cocktail party to dinner at home with ease. She keeps the Saks, Nordstrom and Macy's credit card in her purse.

THE YOUNG-UN (18-25): She's got all the makings of a diva, but this single girl is fresh out of school and in her first (second) entry level position is living on a fashion budget. Though she may not have a designer clothing budget, that doesn't mean she lives without style. She's the girl in the crew who can make H&M look like Gucci. She can find fashion at any mass retailer.

Potential participants must live in the New York City area (or be in town during the week of the shoot 4/9). Send an e-mail to Fred Jackson at by April 3! Good luck!

Thanks to reader, Kelly, for the tip!

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