Sunday, March 25, 2007


Check out this fabulous line!

I went to lunch with a certain jet setting basketball playing friend who may or may not be forgiven for NOT telling me about the NBA's 2007 Court-ture fashion show--which he attended-- and spoke to me about only after he left! Check out the fashion show here.

Anyway, he might be forgiven because he introduced me to the brother of designer, Nana Birago Amoako, the next day!

Nana is a sister comrade in arms (read: black woman lawyer), who was trained in Visual Arts and Art History at Columbia University. Her work is inspired by famed artists Pablo Picasso, Paul Gaugain, Gustav Klimt and Mati Klarwein. Her line fuses a love of bold, bright color and the aesthetics of fabric and light installation.
As a citizen of the world, she is influenced by her adventures and travels to such places as Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

Stay tuned for more on this fabulous designer...I will feature her on Honey Magazine online soon! Nana will also be featured in Essence Magazine's summer issue--hitting stands the first week of April.

I am in LOVE with these bags! Visit to get your own!

As if you didn't have reason enough to buy these bags and skirts, the Naana B. line is produced by women artisans in rural Ghana who are trained by CBLit (, a non-profit organization that empowers women through small business development.

Save the world and your wardrobe by purchasing one of these beautiful bags and skirts! Tell Nana I sent 'ya!

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Anonymous said...

ooooh, her carry-alls are ridiculously fierce! let the saving commence!

p.s. do you know where she's from?

Maryb said...

Too fierce for words.

Claire said...

Very cute bags! Great scoop:)
Work it out now.

Naki said...

Thanks Claire!

JaHaute said...

WOT! those bags are so hot!

Loide said...

I have 2 of her bags...HOTNESS! Next purchase is one of her clutches! Can't wait, and these bags are just right for the summer!

Anonymous said...

shez a friend of mine! i love her work! Shez from ghana! and truly inspired. remain blessed!

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