Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Slip into something sexy and sultry when you wear snake motifs. For centuries the snake has symbolized all that is forbidden. No longer is this the case. If you've missed it, this style trend can be introduced to your wardrobe easily with accessories. Here are my favorite picks.

1. Gold-plated snake necklace, Patch NYC, $95;, 2. Sterling Silver Large Snake Ring, Ross-Simmons,$45; 3. Sterling Silver Serpet earrings, $31. 50 ; 4. Zhen-U.N.Solo Ring, $45; 5.Pearl ring with tcw diamond snake, $147; 6. 18kt gold wrap bracelets, Gale rant, $225; www.fab& 7. 14kt. Gold and diamond earrings, Manon VonGerkan, $998; 8. Sterling Silver Green Jade Snake Ring, Ross-Simmons, $85;

O.k. I must admit some of my picks are pricey. Simply take these choices as examples, and adorn yourself with charms within your budget.


Naki said...

Loves it, loves it, loves it! That's why you're my bff!

Keisha said...

HA! What am i going to do with you?

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