Friday, December 08, 2006


In medieval Europe, blue dyes were rare and expensive, so only the aristocracy could afford to wear purple...not anymore...vamp it up this season with the royal hue!

Gucci celluloid cuff bracelets- $495; Although the perfume isn't purple, the bottle is...try Lolita Lempicka's little gem-$80.00 at Nordstrom's, it's one of my favorite scents; Bridget Moynahan sports a purple gown--let me know who the designer is please; Bobbi Brown carries palettes with various shades of the hue; Echo scarf- $48.00; Drape -neck silk jersey top from Bebe- $147; Paloma for Tiffany "Sugar Stacks" ring in amethyst-$975.00; and Gaultier's creative, couture, cutout dress is to die for!

My Pick: *

Jimmy Choo's Purple Satin Jewel Sandal $716.00 on Bluefly!

The price tag is pretty steep, but they're adorable. The shoes below are Aldo's inexpensive alternative.

I couldn't resist them, these are my own:

Aldo's "Zebea" $149.00

Styletip: Jewel tones work best!

* Below is Cynthia Rowley's black version of the Jimmy's. I got them from Daffy's for $99.00!

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