Monday, March 19, 2007


Ethiopian native, Amsale Aberra, has made an indelible mark on the coutoure wedding gown business...

...and like most designers, she was inspired to create because she recognized a need--in her personal life--and fulfilled said need with her own resourcefulness.

Amsale was prompted to design a wedding dress for her 1985 nuptials, because the dearth of simple, sophisticated gowns (after all, it was the '80's--simple, sophisticated elegance was not really en vogue at that time!) left her frustrated.

"Growing up in Ethiopia, I always made my own clothes, mainly from necessity. I never thought about being a fashion designer. People talked about being seamstresses, but never fashion designers."

Amsale has come a long way from Addis Ababa--and from placing ads for custom-made dresses in the back of bridal magazines.

Amsale's appearance on Oprah.

Today this Fashion Institute of Technology-trained designer dynamo, who has worked under the tutelage of Have Bernard, is a favorite of Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Angela Bassett, and Salma Hayek. Her brand is as recognizable, and respected as Vera Wang's.

Amsale's four lines include: Bridal, Christos, Kenneth Pool and the recently launched line of coutoure eveningwear.

In addition to designing, Amsale is the face of the MKX, Lincoln's latest luxury auto.

Check out a couple of gown's from Amsale's most recent lines:

Spring 2007

Spring 2006

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