Thursday, March 01, 2007


The folks over at Skin MD Natural sent me some samples of their shielding lotion.

The timing was perfect because this winter has been wreaking havoc on my skin! I brought it with me to Montreal, last week (where it was 20 below celcius), and found that it really does work wonders!

Unlike artificial moisturizers, Skin MD Natural bonds with the outer most layer of skin cells to turn it into what works like an invisible shield.

The lotion keeps moisture-robbing irritants out while helping to retain your skin's own natural moisture, resulting in skin that is far better hydrated, over the long term, than what can be achieved by conventional lotions. I've used it for a little over a week and have noticed that I don't have to reapply lotion throughout the day, like I used to!

Check out their website at! You can thank me later!


Anonymous said...

I'm headed to Montreal in a few weeks...If there are any posh places I should shop, visit, etc please let me know!

Naki said...

I didn't get a chance to shop in Montreal :( Unfortunately, it was 20 below and I went shortly after working two consecutive 80 hour weeks, so I spent most of my time indoors (at client's and in hotel!)...Please let me know if you spot any good finds...I may have to go back soon.

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