Thursday, March 01, 2007


I watched the show and took copious notes! I was truly impressed, it was hard to find a worst dressed of the evening, so I'm just going to double up on the best dressed! I would have loved to see Charlize (was she there?), but such luck!

Best Dressed #1: Cameron Diaz

No explanation necessary. Her Valentino gown, was hands down, the best in show! The Cartier earrings were a nice (only cameron would) touch!

Best Dressed #2: Gwenyth Paltrow (and to think she doesn't have a stylist...some people are just gifted!)

Gwenny's apricot Zac Posen dress was dope, but why is she just standing and staring at the camera like that? I couldn't find a better pic...she looked like an uncomfortable soldier in every single one!

Keisha's Best Dressed: Cate Blanchett

She looked devine, really, she looks otherworldy (could be her ears) in her gunmetal grey Giorgio Armani Prive!

Honorable Mention: Nicole Kidman

Most people hated it, but I was so excited by her color choice...yes, the fire engine red Balenciaga made her look paler than she already is (and that's hard, as she's quite pale), but something about it just worked! And that bow trailing behind her was just too good to be true. She brings it every time!

Reminds me of Charlize's bow moment (John Galliano for Dior), a year ago...I loved that one as well!

E for Effort: Celine Dion!

I loved her green vintage James Galanos (from Lily et Cie) dress and Van Cleef accessories, but she really bowled me over with the salmon colored dress below, go Celine!

Ambivalent: Penelope Cruz

Yes, I said it. The dress was nice, don't get me wrong, I mean, seriously, it's Atelier Versace! But I couldn't help feeling, eh...shrug. That was just my visceral reaction. There's nothing wrong with it, and if someone gave it to me, I'd wear it all the time, even to the office, but eh...yawn.

I really liked Maggie G's Proenza Schouler gown! It was understated elegance at its finest! but I could have done without the feathers!

See vintage awards show commentary here, or click the link below!

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