Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Jennifer Hudson is having one heck of a year! We are barely through the first quarter and the Dreamgirls star has already graced countless magazines, notably Vogue --my favorite, but I wont speak of that garish Jezebel cover pic! She has also been nominated for --and won--numerous awards and accolades for her portrayal of Effie. Check her out on the cover of March's Essence magazine!

This cover picture is amazing, Jennifer's beauty shines through minimal make-up and soft romantic curls... but let's be real, it's nothing without that purple necklace! I've scoured the internet for days, but was unable to find it, perhaps it's becuase the designer, Iradj Moini*, only makes one-of-a kind pieces...this one must be tucked away somewhere in Essence's "closet"!

The necklace, below--the closest thing that I found**, is another Iradj original. I found it on vintage couture jewelry website, There was no mention of price (which speaks volumes about the cost)!

Meanwhile, I'm in love with this Iradj Moini Moghul bracelet!

Fluorite beads with green onyx and quartz bracelet - $1,875.00 on!

*Iradj is Oscar de la Renta's couture jeweler, she was recently featured in the Trop exhibit at the Louvre. Her unique designs are all handmade (brass and copper wire) and hand set (imported glass and stones)!

** Judi McCormick's less expensive alternative:

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