Sunday, February 11, 2007


Be a Trooper...jump onto the fashion bandwagon with this trend! I generally choose form over function, but it's always great when the two meld together beautifully. You will be chic and very warm in these.

Fur hats have been all the rage, especially at New York City's fashion week.

The gentleman caller wears a Trooper in NYC's freezing weather outside of the Fashion Week tents; Vogue's Andre Leon Talley with Kimora and Britney behind the scenes at the Baby Phat show; Melania Trump channels Anna Karenina at Michael Kors' show; Gwenyth Paltrow wears a Trooper at Sundance; Milan Fashion week model dons a fur hat for Elisabetta Villa show; model sashays in fur at the Marc Jacobs show; and Baby Phat model struts her stuff.

The Trooper hat is pretty popular right now, but other variations are just as fab (see Andre Leon Talley, Melania Trump, Elisabetta Villa and Marc Jacobs' models above)! Specialty Furs has the best selection; most are reasonably priced at $170.00. If you're more socially conscious than me, faux will do...

This young man was kind enough to pose for me, in the belly of NYC's subway system, he bought his Trooper hat from a vendor on Canal Street. Sweet!

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