Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A baby shower is one of the many life events that we may attend. The ever dreaded question is what will I wear? My answer to that depends on the role one is playing, i.e. hosts, guest of honor, or guest. Once your role is decided the choice of attire and theme of venue then comes into play.

Recently I attended a baby shower and was pleased with the attire chosen by the guest of honor, host and guests. The theme was A Baby in Bloom.
The guest of honor went with a color palette that was favorable for her skin tone, shape, season and event. This teal green dress by ECI was not only flattering, but easy to move in and trendy. This dress will also look great post pregnancy!

The first thing to consider when attending a shower is comfort. You want to be comfortable if you will not be sitting all night. If you will be working the room, sharing well wishes, giving hugs and kisses, you may want to feel to move. Stay away from any clothes that are restrictive, where the simple task of sharing a greeting becomes a major chore.

Anyone that knows me can tell you that I am all for color, so be fun and adventurous. Be sure that the tones you choose are appropriate for the event and your complexion. You don’t want to offend or blind family members in hot pink leather.

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