Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out this great site,, for for one of a kind blazers (for women and men) and jewelry!

The visionaries at Beanpye aim to create a medium that reflects “inner spirit and celebrate uniqueness…every garment and accessory is bold and defiant, yet versatile enough to compliment your existing wardrobe.”

Get your Beanpye on at their NYC Trunkshow on December 2 where you can save the world AND your wardrobe, because 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the Save Darfur Organization with an additional 15% going to the RED campaign, spearheaded by Bono and Oprah in conjunction with Gap! RSVP to for info on the midtown Manhattan location.

Keep reading! My interview with Beanpye CEO and designer, Sabrina Thompson, follows:

stylechile: when did you become interested in designing?
sabrina: Around the age of 10 or 11 is when fashion really sparked any type of real interest. I ran track pretty much all of my life and as a child the late Flo Jo was my idol. I was inspired by her creative track outfits and the fact that she dared to be different and STILL remained beautiul. So at a young age I started wearing somewhat unconventional pieces and my fashion creativity pretty much escalated from that point.
stylechile: who are your fashion influences?
sabrina: Of course, the sports icon I just mentioned Flo Jo. Aside from Flo Jo the only other designer that really influences me or that I absolutely love is Betsy Johnson. However, all types of music, abstract artwork and espcecially working with kids inspire me to create items from scratch. Extreme arts of work or people tend to have a creative effect on me such as a song with a heavy bassline, chaotic artwork and ecclectic kids. Kids possess raw emotion. They are simple and brutally honest and many times my interaction with them sparks a flow of creativity.

stylechile: How do you manage to stay fashionable?
sabrina: Hmmm....HA! That is a million dollar question because I'm the furthest thing from a magazine junky there is so it's not like I'm flipping through magazines on a weekly or monthly basis...every blue moon I'll pick up a magazine. Although I love to shop, it has become a bore over the last few years so I'm not readily shopping in tons of stores. I'm an advocate of taking what you have and making it work or "polishing" aka remixing it...which is where my revamping of jackets come into play with Beanpye. I can say hands down that watching any type of red carpet event inspires me to create or any time period movie that goes back decades or centuries ago. Most of the time those time period movies whether it's Gladitor, Malcolm X, Memoirs of a Gesha, Lady Sings the Blues, etc...the costumes and wardrobe created for the main characters are so rich, bold, and full of detail.

stylechile: Do you have any tips or words of advice for today's fun, fashionable, females?
sabrina: Wear what makes you feel good. If it's boy shorts and a tank top, a jogging suit, 5 inch pumps, a leather pencil skirt...WHATEVER! What is the point of putting on clothes if it doesn't transend your spirit and remind you of the character you possess?

stylechile: How do you stay inspired?
sabrina: Working with all types of people on a daily basis. I'm a people person...a talker...Also, traveling helps me stay inspired too!

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Sabrina uis so talented!!! Great write up Nak. -kesh-

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