Thursday, November 30, 2006


At Vivica Fox's recent birthday party Star Jones decided-- once again -- to make a fool of herself. We can all learn from her mistakes.
I admonish you to accentuate your assets, while finding ways to flatter the less becoming parts of your figure! Is that so hard? Here we see Star doing the exact opposite.
Star must be thinking: "Hey, I am thin now, so I can wear whatever I want"…NOT the case.

Gathers or "rouching" will draw attention upwards to the point where the detail begins. In Star 's case, her bustline and tummy are highlighted. Is this flattering? Not so much.

I have bulleted Star's errors, and highlighted some suggestions on how to save oneself from being a fashion casualty:
· How many times must I say WEAR PROPER UNDER GARMENTS!!! Both bra and control top.
· GET THE RIGHT FIT – this is not a flattering fit for her body type. Something that falls away at bottom would have been better.
· Length – too short…compare Vivica's more flattering length.
· Detail – we know that it's all about the details, but how dated is that diamond bezel thing in the middle of her chest?
· Color – flat out makes her look ashy!
· And not that this is a don't…but must all African American celebrities share the same weaveologist?

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Anonymous said...

what is up with all the white powder on her ches???

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