Saturday, November 25, 2006


The American Music Awards went down last Tuesday. I missed the show, but that wont stop me from putting in my two cents!

Best Dressed: Promiscuous Girl!

Nelly gives Queen Bey a run for her money! I love everything about this ensemble, from the bangs to the shoes!
Beyonce always manages to get it right, her dress can stand a bit of ironing though! It's all in the details hun...

Honorable Mention:

Paris really surprised me with this one...keep up the good work!

Gold Fever: Katharine McPhee and Bey clearly got the memo!

Get your version of Beyonce's dress from Max Mara:

Worst Dressed: "Why are you dressed so scary?"

What is Gwen 'tryna do here? She done had a baby then went and lost her damn mind. She looks like a Versace ad gone wrong. Poor Gavin.

Now, Jamie looks good from the neck down to the waist, and i really do just mean to the waist...stop looking about a quarter inch after that last button...He loses me with those white pants--what's up with the extra material on his jacket?!?!


The Pussycat Dolls generally suffer from the same style schizophrenia that's afflicting Danity Kane, they can never manage to look in sync AND different...they look better than usual here: black, white and red all over--boring!

E for Effort:

I'm not loving this look, but it's better than nothing...I mean, she IS going through a divorce and simultaneously making her comeback album, not to mention she just gave birth to two children in two years...I guess.


Jake said...

I am not really feeling your promiscuous girl's outfit. That dress if fug. The cut, the simplicity, the hair. That should be work to dinner on a weds.

Bey is dragging several plastic bags around her ankles.

Loves Paris' get up tho.

Anonymous said...

i disagree, i love the promiscuous girls outfit. I love them even more as a group.

Paris' and Beyonce are hott!!!!

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