Monday, December 11, 2006


I wasn't quite sure about this look at first, but have grown to love it! Perhaps it has something to do with the youthful innocence that it evokes...the jumper, pinafore, romper or what-have-you is at once schoolgirl-ish, Lolita-ish and surprisingly appropriate for work!

The New York Times Sunday Styles section recently covered the trend:

Pair with a crisp white button-down and wear with black tights and pumps for the office:

Throw on a pair of stilleto (or flat) boots for post work fun!

Wear this more casual jumper to class, or add a few gold chains and/or belt for a date:

Norma Kamali Everlast Race Bubble Dress- $225.00 at Nordstrom's.

My Pick:

Urban Outfitter's Lux Button Jumper- $58.00

Styletip: do NOT wear pigtails with this look!

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