Tuesday, December 05, 2006


The Billboard Music Awards went down last night. As usual, I didn't watch the show--who has the time?!?!?! Here are my two cents:

Best Dressed: Rihanna... though she can stand to benefit from the bangs discussed infra.

I'm a 'sucka for sexy!

Honorable Mention: Chris Brown looks great!

Worst Dressed: Vida and Fergie, why are you dressed so scary?

Yikes...she's livin' la Vida loca!

Not so delicious here, huh Fergie?

Ambivalent: I'm not loving these wigs (yet)...why so bouffant-ish? No matter Rihanna, I still think you should sport the bangs.

The aforementioned wigs 'kinda remind me of this look:

E for Effort: Please note that my comments pertaining to Mary's outfit are applicable only from her waist up!

This ensemble is classy, classic AND age appropriate! Mary looks Spectacular!

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