Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The venerable French fashion house of Christian Dior recently released the third installment in its seven series web documentary featuring French oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard. (I love a good run on sentence.) Episode 2, entitled Up and Up, my favorite thus far, is featured directly below.

Episode 3 features Marion wearing Dior designs from the 1940s and 1950s. She undergoes a metamorphosis, transforming from various Dior muses of times past. You'll learn design details of Dior's iconic Bar Suit, the forebear to today's peplum craze (e.g., the suit is cut to fall 40cm above the ground) and all about the Dior Bombshells. Episode 1 gives viewers a peek behind the scenes as artisans design, cut, fit and sew and Cotillard oversees in the Dior workshop.

Click on "read more" below to view Episode 1: Fantasia and Episode 3: Metamorphose. Watch this space for the next in the series.

Episode 3 - Metamorphose

Episode 1 - Fantasia

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