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Remember Keisha? My bff, confidant, personal stylist and StyleChile contributor? In the years since you've last seen her on this space she has had the opportunity to fuse her love of fashion and Parsons education while embarking on a career as a stylist!

Not just any stylist, but a stylist helping one of the industry's most seasoned and respected designers, the incomparable Oscar de la Renta, and celebrity designer Pamella DeVos, the woman behind the Pamella Roland Brand. Keisha worked with both as they prepared to send their collections down the runway at New York City's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

I caught up with Keisha and she's shared her experience for StyleChile readers. Continue reading my interview with Keisha by clicking "Read more" below. . .

StyleChile: How did you land such fabulous gigs?
Keisha: I am a firm believer in Fate and Faith. Faith is when preparedness meets opportunity. I actually began to sew this seed over a year ago, but the time was not right. A good friend introduced me to one of Oscar's and Pamella's stylists and then, a year later, I was once again considered and asked to work on the show. I don't want to have my answer full of cliche's, but its true that it's not always what you know, but sometimes it's who you know.

StyleChile: What was it like working with Oscar and Pamella?
Keisha: Very different; working with them was both unique and fulfilling! Pamella's brand is only 5 years old, which in my opinion added to Pamella's approach. Her sense for luxe elegance, business and family ethic was evident not only in her pieces but in her approach to work. Her easy going attitude put everyone else at ease and made the entire production team gel. The experience at Oscar's was different, as the production was on a larger scale. Pamela used one styling team, whereas Oscar had both designers and styling team at the Atelier. Oscar had a say in each and every piece in the collection. He is very hands-on and gave creative direction at all times.

StyleChile: What did you enjoy most about this experience?
Keisha: I enjoyed working with such prestigious designers and alongside the best in the industry, while improving my trade. Full collections most times include about 52 looks--not pieces--but looks. Making all these looks cohesive, while expressing the vision of the designer is not always easy. Being in the Atelier, being a part of the creation and edits of the garments first-hand sent butterflies to my stomach and a rush of adrenaline.

StyleChile: What was the least favorite aspect of this job?
Keisha: When doing something that you love it is sometimes difficult to identify your least favorite part until the task is over and you reflect. At least that's how it was for me. My least favorite aspect was the pure physical exhaustion: sleep deprivation, swollen and achy feet, needle-pricked fingers, and back spasms from constantly moving at a fast pace. You only have time to think about and to feel your body only after the job has been completed.

Keisha poses with Anja Rubik backstage at Oscar. . .

StyleChile: What were your favorite pieces of each collection and why?
Keisha: I didn't have one favorite piece for the Oscar Collection, and that's because I am in love with every single piece. I really loved the Artisan prints in the collection; those pieces definitely stood out. I loved Pamella's reinvention of the asymmetrical hemline while pairing them with both heavy plaid and cheer chiffon. Both equally exquisite.

StyleChile: What do you think will be hits for this season and the next?
Keisha: I still believe that interesting leggings (with texture or print), pants that resemble leggings, and harem pants will continue to be in in this season and next. Bold prints such as the Artisan prints in Oscar's collection, and embellishments, are also the new trends. Inspiration seems to be coming from European influences (heavy minks, fur barrettes and militant overcoats). The softer side is also reflected with asymmetrical lines meant to soften and elongate a woman's legs and shoulders.

The shoe selection at Pamella Roland

StyleChile: Any advice for up and coming stylists who would like the opportunity to style during fashion week?
Keisha: Fashion week is a lot of hard work and is just the finale to months of preparation and hard work by others. The team responsible for all the works of art we see on the runways and then later on the best style blogs, barely get to appreciate the beauty, because they are backstage in sweat and sometimes tears! This is NOT a glamorous role. We are the faces you do not see, and we get minimal, if any, downtime to "enjoy" the week because we're in the office cataloging, tailoring and editing until the wee hours of the morning. That being said, be sure you are vested in your craft for the right reasons and have a true passion for fashion before moving forward. Everything else will work itself out as everyone has their own path to travel.

Watch out for Keisha as she makes moves in this industry and beyond! Stay tuned for exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of Pamella Roland's and Oscar de la Renta's New York City Fall 2010 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week prep!

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KelleBelle said...

Awesome Keish!! Please don't forget your less than fashionable friends when you become head of your own fashion house and/or have your own show on Bravo a la Rachel Z. ;)

Alicia said...

What amazing work, experience, and exposure!
To Keisha: Thank you for sharing a peek of the back-stage goings-on at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! To Nakia: Thank you for bringing the story to your fans at StyleChile!

Yaz @ pop! said...

Just Fab! It's so great to live out your dreams!

Pleats 'n Cleats said...

I <3 Oscar! Keisha is doing some amazing things - great piece, Nakia!

Josetta said...

Congrats to you both. I absolutely love the strides both of you are making. I wish you two nothing but the very, very best:-)

Renae B. said...

Loving the sister love on StyleChile, Nakia! Keisha, I'm truly enjoying seeing your career've got an amazing eye and a passion for style that's sure to be an asset to any brand or individual in need of your expertise.

Keep honing your craft and spreading love with that infectious smile. The sky is NOT your limit!



Keisha said...

"As a tear roles down my cheek....thank you guys so much for your love and support over the years. I think I speak for both Nakia and I when I say, each of you have positively affected our growth and sense of humor :)
Thanks again for all the love and support and Big Ups to StyleChile for featuring bff

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