Friday, February 26, 2010


From Vogue Black article on hair as a symbol of beauty for black women

In the year or two since the criticism of the fashion world's lack of color. In the wake of the triumph of new designers--evinced by the First Lady's unwavering commitment to young talent. And, in the aftermath of our acceptance and celebration of curvaceous figures, Vogue Italia launches Vogue Black, Vogue Talents and Vogue Curvy. This initiative signals a shift as once marginalized groups (black women, emerging designers and curvy women) are now being thrust front and center of the very industry which, unwittingly or not, contributed to their very absence. Vogue Italia, known for leading the industry in addressing the dearth of black models, has raised the bar yet again. It will be interesting to note the response of other fashion magazines.

Red dresses created by the finalists of "Who's On Next?" in support of the prevention of cardiovascular disease are featured on Vogue Talents

This shift also signals a sea change as mainstream media embraces and acknowledges the growing importance of new media--the bloggers and other internet publishers. The significance that advertisers, publicists and the reading public has long since recognized.

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At Vogue Black, Editor-in-Chief Bethann Hardison leads a team of contributors including Afrobella's Patrice and Andrea of Fly. Articles include "loving your natural hair " and suggestions for replicating a particularly stylish ensemble worn by Aisha Tyler.

Tyra Banks on Vogue Black

Vogue Talents previews new talent and encourages the designing audience to submit their work. This first issue features successful new designers Rodarte and hosts a contest: "Who's on Next?" for emerging designers. Geared towards normal sized and full figured women, Vogue Curvy's inaugural issue features style advice and daily fashion tips as well as an article on full figured icon Liv Tyler.

Landing page for Vogue Curvy. . .

Read more about Vogue's triptych here, here and here.


KelleBelle said...

Thanks for the scoop! I forwarded it on to all my fashionistas.


Alicia said...

On a related note, after the long wait last week Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair" finally came out on Netflix. Although I would love to hear more about women who are wearing natural hairstyles, the movie was quite compelling (and scary at times).

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