Thursday, May 07, 2009


Known for her whimsical designs -- imagine a golden saltine cracker, a fortune cookie and a lucky wishbone as necklaces--Emily Elizabeth utilizes the mundane and often overlooked everyday items as inspiration for her line. I love the leaves and flowers that appear throughout and positively swooned when I saw the Venus headband! Emily Elizabeth works primarily with goldplated brass (pieces can be customized and plated in variations of gold) and was recession chic well before some of us ever heard of a collateralized debt obligation; the price on each of these sparklers belies the ingenuity and attention to detail. Her line is divided into three collections: "Sweet and Pretty", "Cool and Kitschy" and "Elegant and Sophisticated". I think they're all Just Darling!
Adjustable Fern Leaf Bangle, $100. Brass bangle with tarnish free brass wire.
P.S. Emily Elizabeth was kind enough to send this feather leaf lariat necklace over for a giveaway. Stay tuned for more details!

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