Thursday, May 21, 2009


Phillip Lim Swim: Lim's new capsule collection includes floral print bikini and two swimsuits.
Bathing suit season is upon us! And, this time I'm ready. I've been putting in work at the gym and been master cleansing like nobody's business (shout out to Claire at the Fashion Bomb--Equinox misses you!). Nothing keeps me more motivated to run that extra mile, than the prospect of wearing a hot new bathing suit. But, I digress. The bathing suits above, are from Phillip Lim's inaugural bathing suit line. His foray into fashion is not limited to great clothes, he is adding his magic touch to swimwear, lingerie and footwear; pieces will be carried in the US and Asia. Check out a preview of his shoe and lingerie collection here.

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