Sunday, April 05, 2009


Chronographs are timepieces with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions. Produced as early as the 18th century, but not gaining popularity until the 1820s, chronographs are once again enjoying a resurgence at the forefront of fashionable accessories.
1- Forever 21's jeweled watch in yellow, $8.50; 2-Fossil chronograph champagne dial, $115; 3-Swatch men's watches suiw400-ww, on Amazon $96.56; 4-Michael Kors women's chronograph at Macy's $225; 5- gold-tone chronograph watch with crystal accents, BCBG $225; 6- Vintage Omega speedmaster professional "Moonlanding" watch, £1,695 on Asos.
These watches are not for the Wallflower. The commanding size begs to be noticed. Colored chronographs will be fun for Spring and Summer, but I'm particularly keen on the Michael Kors mens chronograph in gold and have been wearing one since I had to replace my Swatch version of same.
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Fallon said...

LOVE Michael Kors ;) Wait until you see the new all white ceramic one coming out soon! Its amazing!!! (Don't be fooled my the stainless steel one on the MK website now... the ceramic is H.O.T!)

MIMI is a lifestyle magazine that addresses topics ranging from style to politics from the perspective of the African woman. said...

Love this trend! It's strong and bold.

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