Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Michelle Obama wears Jason Wu (it's his lucky year!), she also wore Jason's dress to the Inaugural Balls. Photographed by Annie Liebovitz at the Hay-Adams Hotel.
The much anticipated Vogue cover featuring First Lady Michelle Obama is here! The Washington Post reports that this is the second time that a First Lady is featured on Vogue's cover.

Starting with Lou Hoover, Herbert Hoover's wife, first ladies have been photographed for Vogue, but those photos have often appeared inside where they are well placed, not quite hidden, but not quite having the oomph of being featured out front.- Washington Post
I expected nothing less for our history making First Lady. But, history aside, Michelle is far more fashionable than many of her precursors so the Vogue cover is only appropriate. It's the least they can do.
I don't love the pic, but I generally don't like the pics of Black women (that aren't models) that Annie Liebovitz shoots for Vogue covers. Remember this one? I'll lay off from the criticism, as it must have been hard to capture the essence of such a multi-varied woman on the eve of the most memorable inauguration in modern history, not to mention that this is, after all, the First Lady--the shot couldn't be too Vogueish.
P.S. - Maybe I'm too harsh on Annie. The pic below was taken by her and featured in Vogue's June 2008 issue. It's quite nice!

P.P.S. - The story is written by Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley. I have a pic of Andre wearing a fabulous reversible fur coat--braving the cold--on inauguration day. One of my girlfriends took the pic and he was gracious enough to take a pic with her as well! Good to see that others don't chicken out at the sight of him. I don't think I'll post it though, because he's my homie (in my head) and it wasn't the best shot of him. I don't want the bad karma!
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Update: Check out the full Vogue story and additional pictures of First Lady Obama here.


ecrunner said...

I thought this was a bad choice by Vogue... The pictures at least. They were unnatural at best and didn't really spark the eye as deserving for "history making first lady" by any means.

The Style PA said...

I love the colour of the dress, but agree that the pictures do look a bit 'not quite right'. Not sure if it is the pose, or something about the smile.

Egy Azziera said...

Michelle Obama already has established her individuality through her fashion choices, but with a self-assurance and far-reaching influence similar to her predecessors. But I'm sure she also works out.

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