Sunday, January 11, 2009


Credited with starting the hi-low phenomenon which is now almost de rigueur (and aprospos given the tumult in the world financial markets), Isaac Mizrahi is moving on from Target and is now creative director at Liz Claiborne. Check out the slide that I created below for more...

Color and prints, geometric stripes, oh my! A few choice words from Mizrahi:

“I’m trying to shift the paradigm once again...The Target thing, that’s thinking very high and very low. But now there’s this whole other cultural thing that’s taking place before our eyes, and it’s only accelerated because of the terrible economic thing we’re going through. It’s like, I believe firmly in the middle now.”

Based on the pics of Mizrahi for Claiborne line which will be in stores Spring 2009, I may have to rethink Liz Claiborne, a brand which I associate with, ahem, older women. But given the pics, I'll be keeping my eyes open! That pink dress is mine!

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