Wednesday, January 21, 2009


At last. . . I watched the Inauguration with new English, South African and Australian friends. . . one Brit in particular (actually, a bunch of them) said of the Inauguration day dress: [insert strong Tottenham accented English here] "She's dressed like the Queen Mother!". . . I actually liked Michelle's day dress by Isabel Toledo, 47, whom I only first heard about when I read this article about her and talented husband, Ruben, several months back (thanks for the article David B!).
Like the rest of us, neither Jason nor Isabel knew what Michelle would wear. They found out that she was wearing their designs by watching the inauguration coverage! Left: I had a feeling she'd wear white just like her fashion forebear Jackie O! The one-of-a-kind Jason Wu chiffon dress; Right: The Isabel Toledo satin-backed wool dress is made with lace called guipure, it's a kind of lace used most often in French haute couture.
The Toledo dress is colorful (is that chartreuse?), screamed optimism, and how great did it look against the yellow of St. John's church? Michelle kept the look youthful by adding fun green J.Crew gloves and Jimmy Choo heels. . . it fit well and was totally appropriate for the occasion. I did enjoy the extra bling from all that bezel. And, to Jason Wu, 26, the lucky designer whose silk chiffon dress--with organza rosettes, Swarovski crystal rhinestones and silver embroidery--was worn by Mrs. O to 10 Inaugural balls, congratulations!!!
Left: The President and First Lady the day before the Inauguration--Michelle is wearing a tan and black Narcisso Rodriquez suit; Right: Obama in J.Crew at the Kids' Inaugural Concert. She's wearing Loree Rodkin's green saffire earrings and deco-inspired belt!
Both designers are representative of new Americana, a la Barack Obama, diversity and talent at their best. Both are people of color and in Mr. Wu's case, gay. Both are from immigrant backgrounds, Mrs. Toledo a Latina from Cuba who grew up in New Jersey and Mr. Wu from Taiwan, who grew up in Canada, France and Japan. CNN points out Michelle's penchant for wearing American designers from other nations. Her choice no doubt sends a message of hope throughout the embattled American fashion industry.
Didn't Malia and Sasha look downright edible?! They were super cute in their J. Crew coats from the Crewcuts line (sorry, you can't buy one) and enjoyed their lip gloss way too much. . .Let's not forget about Jill Biden, who is clearly a fashionista herself. She looked fantastic in her red Reem Acra ball gown! I thought her day ensemble (red Fleurette coat and a belted glen plaid dress by Milly) was a bit casual, why boots and not some hot pumps? It's cold, but still. . .
As discussed previously, President Barack Hussein Obama was slated to wear a Hart Schaffner Marx tuxedo--from an American made, Chicago based union shop. . . But, I'm not sure what he wore. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't appear that anyone has written about his outfit!
P.S.--Looks like J. Crew is geeked about the Presidential publicity! Check out the front page of their website as they congratulate the First Family.


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

So glad you are back to posting. Will be putting you on my blog roll.

Naki said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I've added you to mine!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Hey Naki - Beyonce was wearing the boot version to my shoe. They are fierce, I can't wait to wear them.

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