Monday, October 20, 2008


Fashionistas. I'm leaving tonight, for my new home in Dubai! Well, it's only temporary--I will work in my firm's Dubai office for a year or so but, of course, I'll remain committed to bringing you the latest fashions from the world over! Dubai is centrally located, so I will keep my eye on the latest in that region as well as Europe, East Asia and the America's, natch.
Shopping is a daily ritual for Emiratis, but in Dubai it's taken to a sublime level. - Lonely Planet; Dubai Encounter

I'm going to miss my beloved city and all of my friends and family, but what with the internets (lol) and all, it's like nothing will have changed. Be sure to let me know if you're in the region! 
Thanks to all my friends and fam and colleagues who came out to, and threw, my going away parties. Thanks for all the gifts, cards and well wishes.  I miss y'all already!
P.S. -Special thanks to Erin (fab designer for a major, major U.S. department store), for the goodies, including my ever so appropriate luggage tags--one of which is featured above. 


Fallon said...

Good luck with everything Naki! Sorry I didn't make it to your going away party. I will be checking for Stylechile updates :)

Val said...

wow! awesome! best of luck. look forward to Stylebits from abroad!

Wes said...

Oh my goodness! What an oppurtunity! Have fun and be safe... Be sure to post pics!

Ms. Lyssa said...

Wow, I'm excited and I do not even know you. Still I know this is a god opportunity. Keep sending the style from around the globe. Good luck!

My Fashion Frenzy said...

That's awesome! Go get it girl. Good luck!

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