Thursday, October 30, 2008


Even though I will not get to experience a proper fall, or winter, this year (not that I mind that so much), I was thrilled to be invited to Levi's fall fashion preview in mid October. This was particularly exciting for me, because while I think I have come a long way in my fashion choices, Levi's has been one of the brands that I've been rocking since way back when. I had every color imaginable.
The Levi's team treated us to yummy cupcakes from Magnolia's, lots of bubbly and a gift card! The card will come in handy because wearing jeans from a brand that I've loved since childhood will be very comforting to me while I'm so far from home. There's something to be said about a company that's been around forever! I'll be sure to rock them often, to bring a lil' Americana to Dubai. Help me pick a pair! Which is your favorite pair of Levi's?
Photo Credit: (my pics were erased at my going away party later that night).
Update: I was on the Dubai big bus tour (lol) and hopped off at Deira City Centre to check out the mall there. More to come on Dubai mall life...the malls here are like entire cities onto themselves. My Levi giftcard was burning a hole in my bag, so I was thrilled when I encountered the Levi store pictured below. I still haven't used the gift card, but plan to soon!
An Emirati walks by the Levi store in Deira, Dubai.

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