Sunday, June 08, 2008


So, apparently, high-lo/designer-mass retailer collaborations are spreading faster than one could say: Balenciaga by Ghesquière Prêt-à-Porter!

And for good reason. I for one think that haute fashion should not be limited to the wealthy. These collaborations gives the hoi polloi (myself included) access to designers who they would only otherwise admire from afar.

And what about the argument that joint efforts between these sought after designers and jumbomarts dilute the brand? Pish posh. I think this phenonmenon actually expands a designer's customer base and hopefully instills brand loyalty into many who may be better positioned to purchase luxury goods in the future.

Consider, for example, actress cum designer, Tara Subkoff, co-founder of Imitation of Christ. Her designs may now be found at Bebe! Check out the entire Sara Subkoff for Bebe collection here. I've pasted a couple of pictures below.

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Leela said...

I acutally looked over the collection over there at BEBE, adn I want to swing by and pick something up. The collection looks awesome. Thanks for the Post!

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