Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Let me preface by stating that I blame the blog for my newfound fascination with online shopping. Unsurprisingly, I love clothes. Surprisingly, I detest shopping. But! Ever since I started blogging (which requires that I look for clothes online), I’ve started ordering and ordering and ordering…I mean, I like the Target collaborations and all, but I’m not going to wear half of that stuff. And, seriously, how many CFDA-Vogue Fashion Fund-Gap white shirts can a girl own? It doesn’t help that my work require that I sit at a desk in front of a computer for countless hours…and so, when I have no time to go out and shop, and when I’m feeling sorry for myself for not having any time, what do I do? I send myself gifts! Methinks I need to get another hobby.

All of this is a really circuitous way of saying that: if you’re going to shop online, you might as well look into the tres exclusive (high end luxury discount) sites below. Moschino straight from the runway? Check. Dolce & Gabbana? Duh. Badgley Mishka? They’ve got it. And for dirt cheap—so to speak. Each site is by invite only and requires a referral (in the case of Editor’s Closet, no referral means you’ll have to join the waitlist—and folks have been waiting since time immemorial!). If you’re interested in joining, shoot me an e-mail at and I will send you an invite.

Brief synopses of a few of the more popular sites follow. Happy shopping! You can thank me (or not) later. And I have to thank David B. for inviting me to two out of the five listed below. He totally fuels my passion for fashion!
"Luxury Brands; Hand Selected Styles; Members Only Prices"
StyleChile Rating: Amex up!
This one should be called “guilt group” because guilty is how you’ll feel after each purchase…it’s not that the items are expensive per se…well, relatively speaking…it’s just that the prices are so good, that the frequency with which you’ll make a purchase might prove problematic. I have a friend (she shall remain nameless, but if you want to know who, click here) who curses me for sending her the invite…she’s lost track of what (and how many) items she’s ordered…some of us have self control (ahem) and…a $25.00 credit for each referral who makes a purchase. So, my Valentino skirt, which would have otherwise been $200+, was almost free. Read here for Forbes' article on Gilt Group.

Haute Look
"The Most Exclusive Sales, Happen In Private."
StyleChile Rating: MasterCard down!
While I was able to buy a super cute “Plenty” by Tracy Reese car coat (for cheap folks, I’m talking cheapy-cheap cheap), I was not impressed with the wait time. If you’re anything like me…I need instant gratification (don’t ask why I shop online)…you’re going to grow impatient with the slouchy service! Be prepared to wait 7 days for HauteLook to receive your item (that’s 7 days AFTER you’ve clicked submit), plus a few—or many—additional days for them to ship it to you. Being the letter writing lawyer that I am, I was able to score a terse apology and a miniscule credit for my wait time.

Editor’s Closet
StyleChile Rating: Visa’s on deck!
I’ve yet to try this one, but I’m intrigued. I was even more impressed when my Cavalli-wearing, French-shopping-spree-executing, gazillion-Louboutin (what these ole things?)-having friend, sent me an e-mail to thank me for this invite…she said she was wondering how she was going to get on. So you know this one must be good!

Rue La La
"Rue La La is an exclusive online destination of private sale primier brand boutiques that are each open two or three days each. Membership is free, as long as you know somebody."
StyleChile Rating: Debit Card at the Ready!

I joined this one today, and sadly, made my first purchase today. It was worth it though! I mean, the discounts are unbelievable. Miu Miu sale is tomorrow, so hop to it!

Urban Daddy
StyleChile Rating: Cash in Hand!

Interested in hearing about the coolest and newest roof top lounge in your city? Want to know what the hot restaurants are doing with absinthe now that it’s legal? Want perks that most other urban dwellers can’t get their hands on? Well then, get in the know with Urban Daddy. Downside? They’re pretty aggressive with the e-mails…and while it’s all good information, I wish they would send weekly newsletters in lieu of bi daily feeds.
Sheesh, I think this might be my longest. post. ever.


Rachel said...

Really!? That hasn't happened to me on hautelook. What'd you buy?

Rebecca said...

Hautelook takes forever...I'm done with it.

Leela said...

ONG- I use urban daddy all the time, but they are VERY aggressive with their emails. YOu are correct. But still very informative, so I keep them around.

Anonymous said...

hey. .great to see you still blogging.

What ever happened to our style blog section of honey.. did we stop updating or what...

I'e been trying to call the office and no one has answers.

keep in touch

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Thank you for all the web sites, i'm checking them out!

kAT said...

Hey, how do I get signed up for Urban Daddy? It says you need a referral email address.

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