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As fabulous New Yorkers, most specifically Brooklynites, know, Pieces of Brooklyn is the place to be if you’re trying to get fresh. Owned by husband and wife team, Colin and Latisha Daring, this trendy boutique carries pieces, for men and women, by the boutique’s private label and a wide selection of varied designers such as Tibi, Missoni, Coup d’Etat Brooklyn, Gwen Stefani, Marie Marie and much more!

Don’t let the name fool ‘ya! Even though the boutique is known as Pieces of Brooklyn, you can find Pieces in Harlem and Maryland as well.

In addition to being an entrepreneur and purveyor of all things urban glam, Latisha, one half of the Daring duo, has developed a superb styling practice with a client roster that includes Common, Eve, MTV, In Style magazine and the list goes on ad infinitum. Check out Latisha’s styling portfolio here. You don’t have to be a celeb to benefit from her expertise though; Pieces offers personal shopping services! StyleChile has long been a fan of Pieces, check them out in the rolodex of boutiques that was created for Amber Mag! Keep reading for my interview with Latisha Daring! I've also included a slideshow featuring Pieces' designs --included in the Harlem Row Fashion Show, previoulsy mentioned here.

StyleChile: When did you become interested in opening your own boutique/styling?
Latisha: I decided to open my own boutique when I realized that working for another retailer did not allow me to react to customer's wants and needs fast enough. Styling just came naturally since the premise for Pieces is amazing customer service and the fact that every customer is a celebrity. We style our clients every day so actually wardrobing & celebrity styling was not a stretch for us. We enjoy making our clients feel fabulous!

StyleChile: Who were your fashion influences?
Latisha: My mom for defining what style is and allowing me to grow into my own sense of style, Grace Jones,
and Diana Ross just to name a few. Each of these women are confident, beautiful and strong women who were the epitome of style and defined trends for women everywhere.

StyleChile: How do you manage to stay fashionable?
Latisha: Staying fashionable for me is a lot harder now that I'm a mom with a hectic schedule. I think the key to staying fashionable is shopping only for key items each season to enhance your existing wardrobe. It's important that you know your body and what determines a good fit for your body type.

StyleChile: Do you have any tips or words of advice for today's fun, fashionable, females?
Latisha: The best advice that I can give is to "Never try to be what you are not." Know your Body. Know your assets. Know your flaws and know what silhouettes work best to enhance your assets. Don't forget that without confidence these rules are worthless.

StyleChile: How do you stay inspired?
Latisha: I have to surround myself with constant change. Changing the look or color of a room inspires me. Changing my surroundings through traveling allows me to see fashion through the perspective of others and this is truly inspiring! Talking to my clients on a daily basis is my biggest inspiration. Why? Because my interaction with my clients allows me to always be grateful for what we have been blessed to do for a living. It keeps me on top of my game because when they are not happy; we are not happy. Most importantly, I wouldn't be in business if I did not have an amazing clientele that believes in us and our interpretation of the season's trends.

StyleChile: Tell us how we can best obtain pieces from Pieces.
Latisha: The best way to obtain pieces from Pieces is to be a frequent shopper.We update our inventory weekly, bi-weekly & monthly so you never know what you could be missing out on if you don't come in frequently. Our online store is also open for business but the inventory updates do not happen as quickly. The only sure-fire way to secure a fabulous pieces is to be in the store when it comes In!

StyleChile: Of what (fashion oriented) achievement are you most proud?
Latisha: The day that I saw our full-page feature on a fashion website I cried. I am in awe of that day. It was definitely a dream come true & made the hard work WORTH IT!

Special thanks to Renae at Crush Media and PR Noir for the photos!
P.S. Head over to Pieces this Thursday, September 20, 2007, 671 Vanderbilt Avenue, (718) 857.7211 for the 3rd Annual Fall Preview Party! Check out the runway presentation while enjoying hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. See you there! Click this link for more info.
UPDATE: I have added pics (slideshow below) of the Fall 2007 Line; these pictures were taken from the 3rd Annual Fall Preview Party referenced above! Photo Credit: Mike July and Nattural Light Studios


Talysha said...

Great interview! I love Latisha and Colin!!! What a stylish pair!

Fabulous blog, keep it up.

Spotlight On Style!

Kim said...

I am loving this store. I'm going to have to hit it up the next time I'm in NY.

browngirlgumbo said...

great post and interview. i love this store!


Naki said...

Talysha, Kim and Browngirlmumbo, thanks for the love! I'm sure Latisha and Colin appreciate it :) Thanks for reading!

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