Thursday, September 13, 2007


So many readers have contacted me to put me on to the Vera Wang and Kohl's department store collaboration! Many thanks for the heads up.

The line--simplyVera, was launched on September 9th! Check out the offerings here! Great dresses, gloves, crisp white shirts, scarves and coats. She uses a subdued color pallete--lots of cool greys and blues. I think the choices below will be wonderful additions to a fall wardrobe. Wear the coat open, but with belt closed like these!

Pleated hem skirt $44.80; long textured coat $88.00 (also available in grey)!

Vera joins the myriad of other high fashion designers who've partnered with mass retailers. I can't wait for the day when we'll see Gucci for Gap, or perhaps Carolina Herrara for Costco? Those hi-lo pairings might be entirely too pedestrian for the higher level brands, but one can always hope!

Click on the link below for vintage Style Collaborations!

Photo Credit: New York Times (top image).


Black Style Central said...

I'm so excited about this line. Vera Wang is incomparable.

Jennifer said...

oh wow I didn't know about this, and the prices are so good!

Toast said...

the designs are "over-thought" and the quality is poor.

the color palette is dismal...I mean really, taupe, electric blue & mauve?

why attach your name (brand) to such an atrocity?

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