Friday, May 04, 2007


I was fortunate enough to not only co-host, but leave work early enough to attend, the Women for Obama event held at the Harvard Club last night!

with Barack and other members of the host committee...

Michelle Obama was the keynote speaker and her husband came out to lend his support! Her speech was particulary moving and resonated with the rest of the audience as much as it did with me...I guess that's why she may be the next first lady!

She's really commanding in tall and beautiful as any model. She looked amazing in her ruffled shirt and belted pant suit!

Speaking of models...Iman is as sweet as she is beautiful! She spent a lot of time chatting us up and taking pics...ummmm, I refuse to post any pic of me standing next to her, so...moving on...her ruffled shirt (with black skinny pant) was super feminine and romantic! Is that Chanel?

Gayle King was exuberant in a beautiful peach ensemble with fierce, matching, ostrich bag!...she missed the Chicago premiere of the Color Purple in order to introduce Michelle and Barack.

Phylicia Rashad exuded quiet confidence in a sophisticated, and safe--but this is a political event--dark suit!

I'm not sure who this woman is, but she looked super cute and sophisticated in a simple A-line dress and oversized pearls!

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~*FABULOUS*~ said...

I don't really like the Republican or Democratic politicians this year, but I DO like one from each side: Democrat, definitely Obama; Republican, definitely Ron Paul. All the other Republicans ... well, figure it out for yourself. :)

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