Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So apparently J. Crew has opened a store, a subsidiary, called Madewell! The store is located in Houston and L.A. -- with new locations to be opened soon...

Madewell is shrouded in secrecy, for what reason--I don't know! Perhaps a clever marketing ploy? The store doesn't have a New York location, but every so often they'll roll into town, to a secret location and sell items for brief stints at a time!

As Gawker accurately pointed out, some New Yorkers (ahem), are instantly interested in anything that is "exclusive" or "limited edition"...which might have something to do with my surreptitious trips from the office to tango with little old women who stand between me and certain one-of-a-kind, limited edition offerings from a certain model, via a certain Euro design house...more on that later!

I digress... in all seriousness, maybe the Madewell marketing ploy is not so effective, because I had never heard of them until loyal reader, Shamika, told me about it!

Check out Madewell's comfy, weekend-chic jeans, tanks and shoes...all at very reasonable prices!

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