Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Being a personal shopper and stylist is not as simple as it sounds. I have become not only a trusted friend to most of my clients, but also a therapist, nutritionist, motivational speaker and confidant, thus the success of Trousseau styling. Contrary to popular belief, getting my clients “the right ensemble”, for the IT event in their lives is not always easy. I have to get it right, every time!

Making my clients believe in my vision is the difference between repeat and recommended business, versus never wanting to see me again. I say all this to segue the introduction of my styling company Trousseau. For those of you not familiar here is a history lesson: Definitively, the word trous•seau is a noun, derived from the Old French, diminutive of trousse, bundle. It refers to possessions, such as clothing and linens that a bride assembles for her marriage. Today the term has come to mean clothing or wardrobe that a person assembles for their lifestyle.

Trousseau clothes, trains and encourages individuals on what to wear, how to wear, when to wear, along with what is hot and what’s not. So ladies get ready!!! You will now know how to dress for the upcoming tea party, book club meeting, first date and the dreaded party where your ex’s new girlfriend will be in attendance. StyleChile is here to cater to every facet of your lives and Trousseau is going to help you get there.

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