Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I celebrated a birthday recently...my friends threw the best surprise party ever, they were so stealthy, I almost didn't show!

I was convinced that no one loved me, so I didn't want to depress the two people that agreed to have dinner with me on that day...Nevertheless, I decided to quit being a brat, left my apt and met up with them for dinner anyway...It was a good thing too, because turns out, I am loved by many after all! Please send me suggestions for ways to get them on their birthdays, all ideas are welcome!

Naturally, I was inspired by my friends in their fabulous glory! Check out these pics and my gifts!

Z killed it in fishnets and red patent leather! It was the perfect compliment to the rest of the outfit! Wish you could have seen it!

Kell's was inspired by this post, or so she says...what good friends I have!

Yazzy's ankle boots highlight her sculpted calves! Love the tights!

Moi! These are so my favorite shoes! Check out a vintage post about these very same pair here!


Kelly bought me this! It's my new favorite book!

Z bought this beautiful lace clutch from BCBG! I cant wait to rock it! See Keisha's previous post on lace here!

My main man bought me this! Thanks babe...you know who you are ;) It's really no thing y'all, he just has a few aliases, I'm not sure which one to use... but trust--Fern Mayo is eternally grateful!

Love you guys! Thanks for making this the best b-day ever!

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